25 of the Most Amazing Pools In Texas

texas-poolsAs a follow-up to my post about the 25 most amazing pools in California, today we drool over some of the best pools in Texas.

In Texas, there’s over half a million inground pools installed, and the state is home to many highly regarded pool builders.

1. Largest residential pool in the world! (Kuykendall Pools)

In Texas, everything’s bigger. Let’s start with the biggest backyard pool, not only in Texas but the whole planet! Half a million gallons of water, lazy river and a 22 person hot tub. largest-residential-pool-in-world-kuykendall-pools

2. Stones and Palm Trees  (Sunset Pools)

This large pool in Katy, Tx has stepping stones leading to the spa, coves and grottoes and mature palm trees to lend a natural feel.sunset-pools-katy-tx

3. Nighttime Escape (Cody Pools)

An outdoor fireplace and fire features make cool evenings by the pool cozy. This Austin, Texas pool also sports a tanning bench, stools and a spa overflowing into the pool.nighttime-escape-by-Cody-Pools

4. Jungle Paradise (Keith Zars Pools)

Texas has a mild climate, and many areas can support lush tropical foliage such as palms and banana. Add rich stonework, waterfalls and a beach front entry for a Jungle pool.jungle-pool-keith-zars

5. Simple but Elegant (Keith Zars Pools)

When you have a view like this, placing a pool between the house and a vista just makes sense. Fire bowls and deck jets, with a shallow tanning bench makes a great spot to relax.simple-but-elegant-pool-by-keith-zars-pools

Bring the Beach Home (Keith Zars Pools)

Texas has hundreds of miles of coastline, and thousands of miles of tidal shores, why not bring the beach home with a beach front entry? beachfront-entry-pool-by-keith-zars-pools

Infinity Edge Pool (Keith Zars Pools)

An infinity edge pool has no edge on the far side, to enhance the view beyond. Sunset reflects from the horizon and into the home.infinity-edge-pool-by-Keith-Zars-pools

8. Formal Pool with Fountains (Riverbend Sandler)

If your tastes are more formal, this Roman style pool with raised fountains and hot tub pavilion may appeal to you. formal-pool-with-spa-and-fountains-Riverbend-Sandler-pools

9. Stone Pool with Rain Feature (Riverbend Sandler)

Another classic Roman design using a Rainfall water feature, flanked by a Sheer Descent® waterfall and spa with removable fountain jet. rainfall-feature-by-riverbend-sandler-pools

10. Triple Fountain Pool (Riverbend Sandler)

If you love the sound of falling water, this Texas pool has 9 kinds of water falling into an upper basin, the pool, and a lower basin. geometric-pool-by-riverbend-sandler-pools

11. Mountain Lake with Infinity Edge (Riverbend Sandler)

Recapture your youth of swimming in many of the natural swimming holes in Texas, and build your own backyard swimmin’ hole! natural-swimming-hole-pool-by-riverbend-sandler-pools

12. Lazy River Pool (Claffey Pools)

A Lazy River has enough water flowing through it to move you around the course, under the waterfall bridge, and back to the main pool.  lazy-river-pool-by-claffey-pools

13. Upper Pool – Lower Pool (Claffey Pools)

Why build just one pool when you can have two? Upper and lower pools take advantage of the natural slope of the backyard. upper-and-lower-pools-claffey-pools

14. Nighttime Nirvana (Regal Pools)

With careful planning, LED lighting can bathe a pool in cool and hot colors. Couple with fire and water features for full effect.nighttime-nirvana-by-regal-pools

15. Waterside Retreat (Regal Pools)

Overlooking Galveston Bay, this Texas pool has understated appeal, deferring to the vista beyond. Perfect spot for an Infinity edge.
10 More Amazing Texas Pools…

16. Pool with a Bridge (Regal Pools)

Pool too big to walk around? Take the foot path bridge to the outdoor kitchen, or use it for pull-up exercises. Another great rock waterfall. regal-pools-with-bridge

17. Big Pool, Big Slide (Robertson Pools)

This Texas pool has a 70 ft long water park style slide built into the hillside on this large, but shallow backyard pool. big-pool-robertson-pool

18. Custom Backyard Waterfall Pool (Robertson Pools)

Another shining example of using rock waterfalls on the edge of a pool, and a cute pair of water spouting dolphins!custom-waterfall-pool-robertson-pools

19. Pool with an Island (Robertson Pools)

Here’s a pool that has it all, including an island which houses a spa, waterfall and planting areas, accessed by a quaint little foot bridge. pool-with-an-island-robertson-pools

20. Backyard Paradise (Platinum Pools)

With fountains, fire and falls and many other features, this Texas swimming pool is fully loaded with all the amenities. platinum-pools-custom-pool

21. Backyard Paradise II (Platinum Pools)

Another pool with an island with fire conversation pit and patio lounge chairs. Super slide wraps around the lighted coves and grottoes. awesome-pool-by-platinum-pools

22. Infinity Edge Pool Over Water (Puryear Pools)

Zero edge spa and negative edge pool blends perfectly into Grapevine Lake, just north of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. puryear-pools-negative-edge

23. Double Level Waterfall Pool (Texas Pools)

If you’re going to have an infinity pool, why not enlarge the catch basin into a lower pool and second patio seating area? texas-pools-infinity-edge

24. Marriot Marquis Rooftop Pool (Morris Architects)

Coming soon to downtown Houston, the largest rooftop pool ever built, and in the shape of Texas, too! houston-texas-marriott-marquis-hotel-pool

25. Texas Pool at Six Flags Fiesta

And for the award for the largest pool in the shape of Texas, goes to Six Flags in San Antonio with their half million gallon pool. largest-pool-in-the-shape-of-texas

I hope you enjoyed this look at our list of the most amazing pools in Texas! Should be about time to start enjoying summer in the Lone Star state, things heat up early down there!


Dana Katz
In The Swim Staff Blogger


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