Water Workout: 5 Pool Noodle Exercises

pool-noodle-exercises-istkWorking-Out can often be a battle between your commitment to a better life and an internal dialogue telling you to stay inside all day and watch Netflix.

A great battle plan is to break up your routine. Cross train to mix up your exercises and work different muscle groups.

For a combination of resistance training and aerobics, try working out in the pool with a pool noodle.

Let’s explore a few pool noodle exercises to try, keeping in mind that the number of reps you do will vary based on your current level of fitness.

Noodle Pull / Push

Image by Self Magazine - click to visit article on Self.comThis exercise focuses on your upper body but can be modified to an entire body workout as well. Standing in chest-deep water, hold the pool noodle near your chest with your palms down just beneath the surface of the water. Push the noodle down keeping it submerged until your arms are fully extended. Then slowly allow it to come up for one rep. To engage the whole body, do this exercise while walking through the water at the same time.

Noodle Tucks

Image by Self Magazine - click to visit article on self.comDo this in deeper water with the pool noodle wrapped behind your back and under your arms for stability. Starting with your legs straight below you, toes pointed toward the bottom, engage your abs and bring your knees up toward your chest as far as you can. Hold for two seconds, then move your legs back down to the starting position. Repeat for 10 reps.

Noodle Push Downs

Image by Self Magazine - click to visit article on self.comStanding in waist-deep water, stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the pool noodle in front of you on the water’s surface with your hands slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. Push down on the noodle while simultaneously raising one leg straight behind you until your body is parallel to the bottom. Repeat with the other leg.

Pool Noodle Lunges

Image by Self Magazine - click to visit article on self.comStart in chest-deep water with one end of the pool noodle in each hand, arms extended in front of you underneath the water. Your hands should be close to each other, so the noddle forms a U in front of you. Step forward, lifting your leg high enough to step through the U while pushing the noodle toward the bottom of the pool. Make sure your forward foot goes all the way down before stepping back to the starting position.

Pool Noodle Running

Self-Magazine-pool-running-with-noodleIn waist-deep water, put the pool noodle around your back like a belt, with the U shape hugging your body. Place your hands on the front of the noodle. Start on one side of the pool and make your way to the other side, moving your legs in a running motion. The resistance of the water will make it difficult to run, which will build muscle in your legs and get your heart pumping. Turn the noodle around to the back, and you can also engage your arms.

Image by Aqua-Exercises.com - click to visit their siteThanks to Self Magazine for their inspirational pool noodle workouts article! Want more ideas? This Pinterest board features more pool noodle exercises you can try. And you’ll find lots of great pool noodle exercise animations on the aqua-exercises website.


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