A Very Kreepy Family

Did you know, that nearly all Pentair pool cleaners are now made under the Kreepy Krauly name? Pentair has brought the Sta-Rite and Letro cleaners under the Kreepy moniker, and added several advanced new cleaners of their own creation, for an entire Kreepy Family!

And why not, it’s the world’s most recognized pool cleaner, and our top seller, even with a name like Kreepy Krauly. Pentair Pool has really grown the Kreepy product family:

Today’s post is a Video-Log, which means I’m just going to post some cool videos and call it a day – but hey it’s Friday! Pentair videos of the world’s most popular pool cleaners, doing some pretty impressive underwater acrobatics, all while vacuuming and scrubbing the pool. Kind of like Rosie from the Jetsons, but under-water!

1. Kreepy Krauly, 5th generation inground pool suction-side cleaner

2. Pentair Rebel (Kreepy Krauly Warrior) shows off speed and maneuvers

3. Kreepy Krauly ‘Lil Shark cleaner is both cute and kreepy

4. Kreepy Krauly Legend cleaners have a dark side, and a white side

5. Kreepy Krauly SandShark, friendly and energetic suction cleaner

I hope you liked these short videos as much as I do – the crew that produced these did such a good job, they gave me goosebumps! Thanks to Pentair for the Kreepy videos, keep ’em coming!


Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


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