Aboveground Pool Steps: a Buyer’s Guide

One of the most vital pieces of accessory equipment for your aboveground pool, your step or stair system serves as a means of entering and exiting the pool, but also should be a deterrent to unauthorized use.

If you’ve been using the small, wobbly A-frame ladder that came with your pool several years ago, perhaps it’s time to step-up to a newer model. An aboveground step that’s more stable and sturdy.

Modern aboveground pool stairs are built for form and function. Stylish, and sturdy, advances have also been made that make it easier to lock the ladder on the outside of the pool, to keep curious children from getting into the pool.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of some of our aboveground pool steps.

Aboveground pools with a deck can use steps like the one pictured above. They sit right against the inside wall and the horizontal arms screw into the deck. For safety, please ensure that the steps leading up to your deck have a self-closing, self-latching gate, and a small padlock would be a good idea too.

The Staircase Step

  • Grey, 28″ wide steps are easy to see
  • Thin profile uses up less of your pool area
  • No tools needed, snap together installation
  • 3 year warranty


Buy Grand Entrance pool stepThe Grand Entrance Step

  • Adjustable feet reduce liner wear, ensure level installation and allows for full water flow
  • Wide treads have a flattering curved design
  • Dual handrails for ease of use


buy the mighty step for aboveground poolsThe Mighty Step in 30″ & 38″

  • Safe, non-skid treads and dual hand rails
  • Full water flow thru and under prevents algae
  • Easiest installation, assemble in just minutes
  • Side panels serve as ballasts, just fill with sand.


All of these aboveground pool steps support 400 lbs, ship FedEx, and are made of high density resin polymers for superior UV resistance. They fit flat bottomed pools, with wall heights from 48-54 inches, with arms to attach to your existing pool deck.

Aboveground pools without a deck will need to have a step or ladder on the outside of the pool, in addition to the steps on the inside of the pool. These outside steps should be in the locked position when the pool is not in use, to prevent small children from climbing into the pool, unsupervised.

5′ x 10′ Pool Deck

Resin Side Deck with Steps and Gate

  • All Resin with Steel reinforcement channels
  • Safe and sturdy, locking ladder holds 300 lbs
  • Overhangs your pool top rail
  • Pre-Engineered for fast assembly
  • Available in curved models for round pools
buy deluxe pool step entry

Deluxe Step Entry


Deluxe Step Entry System w/ Gate

  • Pre-drilled for optional in-pool light
  • Designed to meet strict local pool codes
  • Gate opens outward; self-close & self-latch
  • Sturdy design supports 300 lbs, 8×20″ steps
  • Thin profile only takes up 22″ inside pool


Roll Guard Ladder


Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

  • Locking Roll Guard barrier blocks outside ladder treads when not in use
  • When unlocked, barrier rolls into a slot
  • Innovative function and eye-pleasing design
  • 5″x18″ treads in a contemporary curved frame
  • 5 year, limited pro-rated warranty
  • Ladder guard operates manually


Here’s some additional information taken from our Help File FAQ’s

Q: Do these steps stay in the pool all winter?
A: If you winterize the pool, remove the pool steps before closing.

Q: Are these pool steps heavy enough to stay in place?
A: Not by themselves, just fill the ballast container with sand or water.

Q: Do I need to use a Step Pad?
A: It is recommended, to protect your liner.

Q: Will the Deluxe or Roll Guard Step fit my 12″ wide top rail?
A: The top, horizontal rail? These will fit up to 14″ wide.

Q: Can I use these steps on my inground pool, or dished-out pool?
A: These pool steps are made for flat bottom pools, without slope and without curved wall to floor transitions. The Grand Entrance step has a version made for inground pools.

Well then, I hope that I’ve made your aboveground pool step shopping easier! If you have any questions about our pool steps for your particular pool, send an email to Dr. Pool, or call any one of our aboveground pool step experts at 800-288-7946!

Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


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