America’s Strongest Pool Bromine


It’s been a slogan for some time now. Even before we actually created ‘America’s Strongest Pool Bromine’, it was our code name for the project.

Our goal was to create both a more powerful and a longer lasting bromine. Longer lasting due to a slower release, and more powerful with more active bromine per pound.

The result was a pool and spa bromine product with 96% active ingredients, and a higher percentage of available bromine than any other source.

bromine-tabsWe chose a 1 inch tablet because that is what is common in the spa and hot tub market, and also to avoid confusion with chlorine tablets, which are highly incompatible, and because bromine tabs, being denser and slow to dissolve, need the greater degradation achieved with smaller tablet sizes.

Stabilized Bromine

For months we tested different formulations, to find to a way to stabilize bromine from the sun, so that it could be more useful in outdoor pools. The properties necessary to create stabilization of the bromine molecules, once thought impossible, was achieved through the addition of dimethyl hydantoin.

grumpy-sun, purchased from istockThe hydantoin had the curious result of making the bromine molecules less active (but not less potent), to reduce the degradation effects of sunlight on a brominated outdoor pool. Sorry, Mr. Sun.

Bromine + Chlorine

chlorine-bromineThey sit one on top of another on the periodic table, but bromine and chlorine are quite distinct halogens. They should never by mixed, except by experienced chemical engineers – ahem! A breakthrough in our research was the unique ability to combine bromine and chlorine, in one tablet.

America’s Strongest Bromine is exactly 61% bromine, and 27% chlorine. The entire chemical name is 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, otherwise known as BCDMH. Adding chlorine to the compound prevents the need for shocking the pool to build and maintain a ‘bromine bank’. The reactivation of bromide ions takes place automatically and continuously, as the bromine and chlorine molecules mingle in the water.

Benefits of Bromine

Bromine has a number of benefits or advantages over chlorine tablets.

  • Much more stable over a wide range of pH levels. At a pH level of 8.0, only 24% of chlorine remains effective, while bromine retains over 85% efficacy.
  • The reduced activity of the bromine molecule also reduces ‘gas-off’ of the sanitizer at the surface, reducing odor and inhalation by swimmers.
  • Unlike chlorine, which requires frequent shocking to remove chloramines or combine chlorine molecules, bromamines still retain their ability to sanitize the pool, and they don’t smell or irritate swimmers eyes.

Chlorine tablets are nearly half the price of bromine – due to increased costs in raw materials. However, if the advantages of using bromine tablets appeals to you, switch from chlorine to bromine!

If you have any question about using bromine in a pool, send me a note!


Dr. Pool

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