Best Safety Cover for Inground Pools

The first safety pool safety cover patent was awarded in 1960 to Fred Meyer Jr., who founded a company called Meyco products. In 1978, a co-inventor of the safety cover Bill Donaton, left Meyco and formed Loop-Loc.

Then came Anchor, Cantar (now GLI), Merlin, Hinspergers (HPI), and Rayner in the 80’s and 90’s. Lots of folks make safety pool covers, which one is best?

With so many companies offering so many cover material choices, it can be hard to decide, so here’s my favorites – 2 Solid and 2 Mesh safety covers, in Lightweight and Heavy Duty fabric.

HPI AquaMaster


AquaMaster solid safety covers by HPI are made from reinforced vinyl fabric coated to withstand weather and sun, and protect from pool chemicals. AquaMaster covers are sewn together with double seams, on the top and bottom of the cover and feature a center drain panel.
20×40′ Rectangle $959, 10 yr Warranty

GLI Hyper-Lite


HyPerLite solid safety covers by GLI use 4th generation technology to create a cover that is lighter and stronger than any other. PVC coated polyester fabric is strong enough to withstand punctures from tree branches and even strong enough to support deer without breakage.
20×40 Rectangle $1510, 15 yr Warranty

Meyco MeycoLite


The MeycoLite pool cover by Meyco products is the original mesh pool safety cover that started it all. The woven polyester fabric is much improved over the original, but the design and fabrication is still a classic. Weighs only 4 lbs per 100 sq ft, but is tough as nails.
20×40 Rectangle $850, 10 yr Warranty

GLI ProMesh


The Pro Mesh safety cover blocks 99% of sunlight, preventing algae growth that can be a problem for pools in sunny locations. Pro Mesh is also 50% stronger in tensile strength, and because the fibers are thicker, more resistant to weather, abrasion or tree branch damage.
20×40 Rectangle $1330, 15 yr Warranty

~ Looking at our list of 4 of the best safety pool covers, with example pricing for a 20×40 pool (price your size and shape safety covers here), you really only have two decisions to make:

  • Solid or Mesh Safety Cover?
  • Lightweight or Heavy Duty?

Installing a safety cover on your inground pool takes just a few hours, and then it’s easy-on, easy-off – no more struggling with slimy solid covers and water bags!

Take it from me, a safety pool cover is definitely worth the extra initial expense. I love mine and wouldn’t go back to a solid cover, even if you paid me to…


Ryan Dornan
InTheSwim Staff Blogger



Best Safety Cover for Inground Pools — 4 Comments

  1. Hello
    Just bought a house with a pool just in time to clean it and close it for winter.They have a ripped Jayco and in fear for my animals and any wild guys falling through I need a strong strong in ground cover. A pool company is pushing garrett super mesh cover and I can’t find any info at all about Garrett safety covers. Can anyone please tell me about Garrett along with their prices. Thanking you in advance. Steven

    • Hi Steven, Garrett is a good company, mainly known for pool liners, but they have been producing mesh safety covers for 20 (?) years. The super mesh would be a denser weave, using heavier threads, and it should have at least a 12 year warranty. Not sure about their prices, but from a pool company the price will be much higher than what you can find online. If your pool is a standard shape (rectangle, oval, grecian), a replacement Meyco cover can be purchased fairly cheaply, but if it’s a custom shape and curvy, the cost is more. Meyco keeps measurements on file for all covers they make, if you have the original invoice number, or you know the year it was made and what company ordered it, or what name it was ordered under, they can pull it up, and quote a price, thru a dealer (like us!) Let me know if you have other questions.

  2. Do all of the safety cover manufacturers (mesh) use the same pattern for the spring buckle placement? We have a Loop Loc that needs replaced on an 16 x 42 true L. Not sure if we have to stay with Loop Loc to reuse anchor placement.

    • Hi Steve, yes I think all safety cover strap buckles are a standard shape and size, for the stainless steel variety. Same is true with springs and anchors, and tools. Most parts can be swapped between manufacturers, yes.

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