Cats in the Pool – Meow Yeow!

cat and dog in poolCats and dogs. They’re basically the same. Fur, four legs, tails, eyes, nose, mouth, and ability to wake you from the best night’s sleep, because your leg moved an inch. So, how can we really tell the two apart? Yes, exactly! Good idea! Let’s put them in the pool.

Dogs, we all know they take to swimming like, a fish to water. Most dogs love to swim. The species even has a swim stroke named after them: The Doggy Paddle. Ever hear of a cat paddle? Maybe kitty cat paddle or feline paddle? Nope. Because cats don’t go in the water. That’s how we can tell them apart from dogs – that and a cat’s default personality is set on secretly plotting an end to humans.

Seriously, tell me that this cat isn’t thinking of the many ways to make its owner pay for the horribleness of putting it in the pool:cats-in-the-pool-3Carl the Cat here is thinking “if I get to the other side, human mom will feel my wrath like never before. I’m gonna climb out, walk straight inside and lay on her favorite bed pillow. That’s my motivation to survive here, man.”

How can we be sure that Carl the Cat’s owner didn’t throw him in? Simple. You ever see a cat jump into the pool? No, because cats are the vain, neat-freak types in the animal kingdom. Water messes stuff up. Cats don’t like to be messed up, so when they get wet they get angry. It’s not just Carl the Cat above. Look at this adorable thing that someone lovingly calls a pet, letting the kids play with him and caress him.

A friendly cat plotting to kill because he got wet. The poor thing looks like a creature from a Stephen King novel. The look from this guy alone will change a cat lover into a dog person in a blink of an eye. Just remember, this thing sleeps all day so it can roam at night. Sweet dreams!

Of course, we cat lovers of the world think cats really, truly deep down want to love the water, it’s why they do things like this with Snowball, a generally loving cat who doesn’t bother anyone. We think, why of course she wants to swim, it’s hot outside!

cats-in-the-pool-2Poor snowball. You’d think she’s staring down a large brown bear or something, but no, her human momma put her in the pool for fun, frightening poor Snowball to the brink of insanity wondering why someone she loved so deeply would do something so ghastly that will certainly matte her hair for days. Poor, poor Snowball.

Maybe it’s not the fact a cat is swimming in the pool, like Fluffy here. Maybe we’re thinking about this all wrong, and the freaked-out nature Fluffy is exhibiting is caused by what we can’t see waiting on the side of the pool.

The look on Fluffy’s face says it all: “Aww man, there’s Fido swimming, what’s he doing? The one time I get in the pool Fido does that in the pool?! Not Cool, Fido! Not Cool, Dog!”

Let us not forget, there are those out there in this cruel world who think it’s great to torture the unsuspecting family cat by dressing her up in a one piece racing suit and swim cap … because they think it’s cute.

cat-in-the-pool-7One simple rule for cat owners to live by is: it’s ok to dress up Kitty at Halloween. Any other time of year is just … well, it is funny! Who wouldn’t love dressing Kitty up as a competitive swimmer on a Saturday afternoon? I’m telling you though, Kitty here is gonna come back with some unthinkable revenge for this one.

There are those people out there, too, who think cats have no problems with taking a dip in the pool. Unless you have a Van cat, known as the ‘swimming cat‘ training him to swim might not be hard since they love water and have quick drying fur.

For your cat however; use all the toys, rattle all the food in a can and place a few pounds of catnip on a float in the middle of the pool, chances are your cat still won’t go into the pool.

Some still insist cats can learn, and maybe so, but teaching a cat to swim for enjoyment is probably something much like teaching a human to love running by tying him to a merry-go-ground. Cats are crafty, sneaky, stealthy, strange, quick and downright unforgiving if they choose to be so rather than their fluffy, cuddly self. Keep that in mind when you want to see if your feline friend can swim. And keep the image below in mind, too.

cat-in-the-pool-6Who’s more evil, the satanic cat or the guy who thinks it’s fun to swim with ol’ Meow-Meow in tow? Maybe this is a rescue operation. The real question here is, who do you think has the better chance of coming out of the pool alive with both eyeballs? Yeah, my money is Meow-Meow, too.

Now, if a cat does somehow find itself in your pool, doesn’t like the water, never been in the water and doesn’t know how to get out, that could have rather serious consequences. We can’t always watch our cats for so many different reasons. But we can protect them if they get spooked into the pool.

If you’re a pet owner or an animal lover, having a pet ramp in your pool can mean the difference between an untimely demise and a funny anecdote to tell friends the next time you’re sitting on the pool deck.

cat-on-skamper-rampConsider the Skamper Ramp or Pet Ramp, to help cats, dogs and other animals find a way out of the pool before it’s too late. We like to laugh at all the silly cat pictures of cute kitties looking flipped out in the pool, but we certainly don’t want any of our furry friends suffering any consequences from the pool.

Pet ramps are great ways for our pets and other animals to safely make it out of the pool if they somehow get into the water. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

That’s enough lolcats for now, get back to work!

Larry Anderson
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


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