Chlorine Tablet Quality Differences

Hello, I’m Dr. Pool, joining you again to tell the story of how In The Swim chlorine tablets came to be, and how our formulation was created.

When I was hired at In The Swim, my job was to create proprietary formulations and eventually to oversee production of our own line of chlorinated isocyanurates.

At the time, over 20 years ago, U.S. chlorine production was having trouble keeping up with demand, and prices were rising. Our founder correctly predicted an influx of inferior raw materials being dumped on U.S. soil from Asia.

“I want to make my own chlorine” he told me. “When we control the formula, we can ensure quality, supply and keep the cost low for our customers”.

This was an exciting opportunity for me. I’ve made many formulations before, since I got my first chemistry set in the fourth grade – but this would be my first flagship product for a national U.S. retailer.

We spent weeks researching, just to get ready to trichlor tablet chemical formulationtest various compounds for our own Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione [Trichlor tablets] formula. Another 4 weeks of research and development, and we were ready to subject our creation to a battery of tests, designed to illuminate differences in behavior of each compound.

This would allow us to eliminate flawed compounds and produce the best chlorine tablets available. That was my task.

Making the Best Chlorine Tablets:

Being the best isn’t so hard – you first determine what the standard is, and then raise the bar. During the R&D phase, I began to “reverse-engineer” the tablets that were currently being sold on the market, both domestic and imported chlorine tablets. For a week we dissected various sticks and tablets, into their component ingredients.

I was not surprised at the use of fillers and additives, but I was surprised to see how much was added to tablets just prior to being pressed. Under testing, these chlorine pucks would slowly turn from solid to mush. Not impressive. I even found more than one brand using vegetable oils to hold their tablet together!

To create a tablet without fillers, additives or oils, we discovered that we needed advanced tablet pressing equipment to develop a tablet that would dissolve at a steady rate, and stay intact and hard until completely dissolved. We soon discovered that it was expensive to produce a tablet without using admixtures that reduce potency, leave residues or affect other pool water chemistry parameters.

To accomplish this, we made a large investment in the most advanced, computer controlled tablet presses. Our first set of presses could make a tablet to our specs in just a few seconds. The newest models, installed in 2010, are twice as fast, and produces an even harder tablet with a lower moisture content.

In addition to the pressing machine, the tableting facility also houses large mixing machines and packaging machines that wrap each tablet individually. Wrapping our tablets reduces the chance that our tablets will absorb any moisture before they are ready to use. They also reduce the handling required, as well as cutting down on the fumes released when you open a chlorine bucket.

It looks like it’s been a success. Today, In The Swim chlorine tablets are recognized as an affordable trichlor tablet with consistently high quality. Like organic farmers, we stuck to our principles, and have produced the highest quality chlorine tablets.

90% available chlorine, the highest allowed by law.

Individually wrapped to keep moisture out and fumes in.

No fillers, additives or oils. 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

Extremely hard and slow dissolving.

I hope you enjoyed the story of how our most popular product came into existence. And if you didn’t know how special my C3Cl3N3O3 formulation is – now you know!

Dr. Pool



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    • Hi Al, I suppose they could, but Dr. Pool tells me that is not the intended purpose! 🙂 We do carry tablets called septic tabs, but I guess those are more for Septic tanks and not for well water. If you plan to drink the water or use it for cooking you’ll want to have a system that is better than chlorine tablets anyway, I would think. Not my area of expertise!

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