Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

cloudy-pool-waterThis time of year, we hear a lot of customers struggling with cloudy water in their pool or spa.

There are SO many reasons to have cloudy, hazy or murky pool water, but it usually boils down to your pool filter and water chemistry.

The weather can make trouble too – too much sun, heavy rains and wind. Or, it can be more complicated, but it usually has to do with a lack of circulation, an ineffective pool filter, or poor pool maintenance.

first-2Test the water first (Dr. Pool would be so proud!). When pools are cloudy, you will most likely find your pH or calcium hardness to be off. These two are often the culprits in cloudiness.

Be sure you get your levels to: free chlorine 1-3 ppm, pH 7.2-7.6, Total Alkalinity 80-120 ppm and Calcium Hardness 200-400 ppm. If you are wondering what ppm is, it’s our unit of measurement, parts per million.

second-2Even if you have a chlorine reading, a good shock can help eliminate cloudy water before adding more chemicals. It’s just a good place to start. Once you have shocked the pool, and allowed the waters to circulate for several hours, check all of your chemical levels again.

This will clue you in on where to go from here. Hopefully the shock will do the trick, but if not – read on.

Moving on. Your chemical levels are balanced, you shocked the pool, and STILL you have cloudiness? Not to worry, this can be caused by super fine debris that you cannot see with the naked eye individually, but when there are lots of particles, they cause visible cloudiness. Time to look at the pool filter.

third-2Make sure your filtering is up to par. A cleaning of your filter or a good backwash should help. Run the filter pump 24/7, and wait to backwash until the pressure rises at least 5 lbs over the “clean” pressure.

If your filter does not seem to be trapping any of the cloudiness, you can use a filter aid, such as Clarifier, or jump straight to our Super Floc, and drop the suspended particles to the floor of the pool so you can vacuum them to waste.

The problems of cloudy or hazy waters can happen at watch-the-poolany time during the swim season, not just at pool opening time. Keep a vigilant eye on the pool, and maintain the equipment and chemical levels. If you have had a heavy storm, whether wind or rain, be sure to chlorinate afterwards, as the rains or leaves etc can affect your chemistry. If you have a heavy bather load, again, adjust to this and chlorinate afterward.

In Summary, For a Cloudy Pool:

  • Check and balance water chemistry, and shock the pool.
  • Continuously filter the pool water and backwash as needed.
  • Vacuum to waste if you have fine, silty debris or after a Floc.
  • Patience is a virtue, and rushing things will not help!

By keeping on top of the situation, your water should remain clear and have that extra sparkle the neighbors are jealous of! I cannot tell you how often I hear “your water looks like glass”. It makes me so proud, Seriously! 🙂

Your water WILL clear up eventually – just keep at it!

~ Have a happy pool season!

Melissa Morel-Lenz
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


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