Cool Swimming Pool Cabanas

In my previous post, we talked all about adding a pool bar to your backyard paradise, and today we look at pool cabanas, small pavilions for lounging by the pool.

Pool cabanas not only provide shade and comfort, but are used to break up a boring fence line, or hide pool equipment or a less than perfect view beyond. Larger cabana roofs can also be used for mounting solar pool heater panels.

Take a look at these cool pool cabana ideas, and dream up your own ~ cabana boys not included!

Contemporary Pool Cabanas

Minimalism is the calling card of the modernist designer, with clean lines and smooth textures. Add your own touches to bring color and comfort. cool-pool-cabanas-1cool-pool-cabanas-4

Classic Pool Cabanas

For a more formal look, look to the gardens of the Mediterranean, an elegant style using classic lines and arches, blended with ornamental trees and manicured plants. cool-pool-cabanas-9cool-pool-cabanas-11

Southwestern Pool Cabanas

Southwestern design blends Mexican and American styles into a motif to match the house and grounds. Earth tone stone, wood and adobe

4-Post Pool Cabanas

From a simple pergola design with a flat roof and curtains, to coastal and mountain themes, the 4-post pool cabana is quick to build and easy to accessorize!cool-pool-cabanas-3cool-pool-cabanas-6

3-sided Pool Cabanas

For pools in chilly climates, a 3-sided room can offer 3-season use, blocking prevailing winds and rain, and neighbor’s prying eyes. cool-pool-cabanas-2cool-pool-cabanas-5

Pool Cabana Installations

I looked up some pool cabana prices with a friend who builds home additions and the occasional cabana or pavilion. He told me that the average outdoor pool cabana “runs around $15K, but that could swing $10K in either direction, depending on size and materials”.

Oh well, my new backyard pool cabana may have to wait another year before the dream is realized. It’s going to happen though, I have the perfect space for a 3-sided cabana! I’ll post pictures when it’s completed!

Dana Katz
InTheSwim Staff Blogger



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