DE Pool Filter Grid Replacement

de-filter-gridzSpring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner! Like myself, I’m certain many of you are just as anxious to pull your pool cover back and jump into your cool pool!

First things first, lets get to business so we can enjoy the summer breeze, pool water, and sun rays sooner!

DE filter grids are fabric covered plastic frames that begin to deteriorate at 7-10 years of age. Minerals and oils clog the fabric, and the material weakens and stitching begins to fray after many years of service.

Replace DE grids when they begin to tear and fray, or if filter pressure remains high even after cleaning with DE filter cleaner. Of course, DE powder in the pool is another sign that you need to replace the filter grids.

To install new DE filter grids, start with a long, thorough backwashing. Afterwards, shut off the pump, drain the tank, and remove the belly band. With a helper, gently remove the filter lid and set aside. With a wiggle and a pull-up, lift the grid assembly off of the standpipe, and gently remove it to level ground.

spray-hoseBefore you move on any further, hose off the grid assembly to remove excess DE powder. Next, you can remove the through bolts that hold the assembly together. Usually there are wing nuts and washers on top. Be careful not to lose any of the washers or nuts.

With the long thru-bolts removed, wiggle and pull the manifold off of the grids, and pull out the bottom spreader plate. Take note of the hole in the manifold that the partial grid fits into. Hose off the manifold, and inspect it for any cracks or missing air bleeder parts. manifold-de

Next you are going to turn the manifold upside-down onto two large bricks or cinder blocks and insert the grids into the manifold. Start with the partial or small grid, and add each adjacent grid, pushing the grid firmly into the manifold.

Almost done! Only a few more steps and your DE grids are replaced!

spreader-plateAfter all of the grids have been inserted into the manifold, place the bottom spreader plate on top. (Keep in mind the manifold should still be upside down). An opening in the bottom plate lines up with the standpipe, and the partial grid. Ease the nibs of the spreader plate in between the grids to space them out evenly.

Bring your helper back at this point, to reinsert the thru-bolts, while you hold the assembly tightly together with both arms. Stand up the assembly, and tighten the wing nuts evenly and as tightly as you can while also checking to make sure the grids are evenly separated and not pinched.

anthony-de-gridsThe process is slightly different if you have flat or square DE grids, like those used on Anthony or Sta-Rite DE pool filters. but essentially the same. Remove the center rod and spacers (Anthony) or the collection manifold and grid support (Sta-Rite), replace the grids, and reassemble tightly.

Back at the filter, check, clean and lube the standpipe o-ring and the belly band o-ring. Now you can carefully insert the grids back into the tank. Replace the tank lid and tighten the clamp band down. Tighten up the filter drain plug, and open the air bleeder. Start up the pump and check for any leaks or drips from the filter. Lastly, add a fresh charge of DE powder, or Aqua-Perl.

Now that you have the information and steps to replace your DE filter grids ~ it’s time to get to work! Summer will be here in no time, get those grids changed early so you can take full advantage of swim season!

If you have any questions about DE filter grids, or any pool topic, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-288-7946 or contact us directly via e-mail!

Josh Foster
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


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