Intex Pools are HOT ~ 18′ Easy Set Pool Set-Up

intex-easy-setAugust is here – that means hot summer temps are here! If you’ve considered a quick set portable pool in your backyard, there’s no better time than now!

This post is about how to plan for a Easy Set pool, the inflatable top ring type, and make the best pool selection from our Intex Superstore.

But wait, there’s more – I’ll tell you how to assemble an 18′ Easy Set pool, fill it with water, start up the filter and take care of water chemistry.

Planning for an 18 ft Intex Easy Set Pool

ring-1Check online for local fence and safety requirements for aboveground pools. Permits may not be required, but safety measures surely are.

ring-1A suitable location drains water around it well, and is as level as can be. Setbacks of 10 ft. or more to the property line are common.

ring-1A safer location would be visible from the house and away from structures or trees that could be used to climb into the pool.

ring-1A sunny location, with few overhanging trees, will keep a cleaner, warmer swimming pool.

Take these items into consideration, and also consider ladder location, pump and filter location and clearance around the pool for cleaning and maintenance.

Ordering an Intex 18′ Easy Set Pool

IN STOCK TRUCKThis is the easy part. View our 18′ Easy Set pool, and click the add to cart button! The 18′ Intex pools are in stock and ship same day.

For accessories, you may want to purchase some chlorine tablets and shock, listed at the bottom of the page. Or, just pick up some salt at any Home store, and use the included salt chlorine generator, attached to the pump and cartridge filter skid.

A pool ladder and cleaning kit also comes with the pool. If you have heavy duty leaves around the pool, you may want to purchase a larger skimmer net or leaf rake. Or, just keep it covered with the included cover that fits like a fitted sheet over the top inflatable ring.

Setting up an Intex 18′ Easy Set Pool

Considering the location factors above, the first thing that must be done is the ground must be level and smooth.

intex easy set pool animationLevel Yards:  If you have an absolutely level and flat area, that you have checked with one of the many methods mentioned below, you can skip turf removal and sand installation. Just lay down the ground cover cloth, spread out the pool, inflate the top ring and start filling the pool!

Off Level Yards: Remove turf on the high side, and roughly level the ground to within 1-2 degrees. Then add 1-2 inches of masonry sand – 1 yard of delivered sand would do it for an 18′ round pool.

How to Level an Off Level Yard

To find level of the ground, first find center of the 18′ round pool, and place a sturdy stake in the ground. Tie a string between the center stake, and 8 sturdy stakes pushed in outside the pool edge.

Use a carpenter’s level on the string, to make sure the string is level, and then dig out any high areas so that the entire surface is the same distance below each ‘level’ string that you set.

Or, another technique is to use an 8 ft – 2×4 with a level duct taped to the board. With one end at the center, move it around the circumference, leveling the ground, one ‘pie slice’ at a time.

Making sure the pool foundation is level is very important. A pool that is off kilter can fall over during rough play or even on it’s own, if several inches higher on one side of the pool.

stakes-stringsLeveling the Sand: About a yard of masonry grade sand is needed for an 18′ round pool. Most areas will have sand delivery services.

Or, you can pick it up in your F250 from a sand and gravel yard, or many nurseries carry sand.

2x4 level system for 18' round poolYou can even get very precise as you level out the sand, as this guy does with a stake in the center, and a rope to pull it around the circumference of the pool.

Be sure to tamp any fill dirt that was used to fill low spots, and water the area very thoroughly, for at least an hour to help settle the dirt.

Tamp the sand into place as you level it around the pool. Keep it the same level by checking as you go, using a level on cross strings or a long board with a long level. Pick out any pebbles or rocks that look like they would poke through the liner, anything over 1/4″ diameter.

Connecting the Equipmentintex-filter-chlorine-generator-combo

Unbox the cartridge filter and pump and salt chlorinator combo unit. Find a level spot, within 10 feet of the pool return location. Connect the hoses from the included wall skimmer, and the return port – to the in and out ports on the system.

After filling the pool, open the valves into the unit, and the air bleeder on the filter to allow the unit to fill with water. Plug the cord into a grounded outlet, and turn on the unit.

Water Chemistry: Add salt into the pool following instructions, and use test strips to check chlorine levels, and also to check the pool pH level. From the moment you fill the pool, you’ll need a constant chlorine level of 1.0-2.0 ppm, and a pH level in the 7.4-7.6 range.

smaller-timeclockFilter the Pool: Run the cartridge filter for at least 8 hours per day. A small timeclock is a great accessory, so that you won’t forget to turn the pump on or off each day.

Over a few week’s time, the flow rate will reduce as the filter gets dirty. Close the valves to remove the cartridge filter for cleaning with a garden hose.

Installing the 18 ft. round Intex Easy Set pool can be done in just a few hours for a level yard, or a good part of the weekend if your yard is off-level by several inches.

Either way, you can be swimming in a matter of days, not weeks! Order now while the weather is hot, and plan your first swim!

Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


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