Pool Ideas from the Future

Instead of discussing what to do or what you should do with your pool, I thought today is a good day we throw the switch and cross over to a set of tracks less traveled, and explore a few ideas of what hasn’t been done with a pool.

First, finding something that hasn’t been done with a pool isn’t as easy as you think. There are some pretty crazy people out there with barge-loads full of money, and we all know anything can happen when a weird idea meets up with a bunch of cash. You get pools like this one cantilevered over the ledge of a building, one end of the pool exposed with a clear wall.

Myself being the type who becomes more than just a little queasy and dizzy on the precipice of falling from such heights might find this pool a little too much to take, but not to those who push the design envelope (over the edge). They thought this was a good idea no matter how much it cost to do.

Then you have the balcony pool, which for me is right up there with the cantilever over the edge of oblivion pool except it’s just on a smaller scale. Good heavens, I’m not sure this type of pool is even real since the people in and around the pool are acting way too casual for the situation if you ask me. Do any of them even know the tensile strength of concrete is?

As you can see, a few people have done some outrageous, borderline stupid things with pools, giving us a good starting point to conjure up something so spectacular, so wild and crazy, the government will probably outlaw it via an act of Congress for our own protection.

For myself, I always wanted to make a pool shaped like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Actually, the pool would be oval with half showing above ground and the other half being underground, and of course, it wouldn’t be 630 feet tall like the real arch is either because of physics and stuff. My not being an engineer or physicist, I have no idea how to explain the method of filtering the pool except that it would be hard. However, I’m going along the grounds of being able to build a vertical arch-shaped swimming pool, then I believe I can figure out how to design and develop some super-duper pool pumps to get the job done. Add in an automatic chlorinator here and there, and I think we’re in business.

This next idea has kept me up at night as I envision how I could make this type of pool work for real – not relying on the laws of cartoon physics like the arch to make it happen. Before I get too far into this one and lose myself in all the excitement, let me provide a little background.

We all remember the 1980s – and seeing some picture or music video with people sitting in a pool where the trunk lid should be on a lavish, cheesy-looking Lincoln limousine. I guess it wasn’t a pool, really, more like a hot tub, but really, does it matter? No, of course not because whether it was a pool or hot tub, it was a dumb idea but more than a few people did it (see nausea-inducing pools above).

After the limousine pool, we started seeing the boat pool. This made a little more sense to me than the limo pool because I can’t help but think how even in Miami you’d freeze your tail off sitting in a pool rolling down A1A at 70mph. A boat moves slower so there’s less wind. Besides boats are by far cooler than any 1980’s limo, and having a pool on a boat means you don’t have to swim with the sharks to get in the water. Again it’s the case of, if you got the money, then why not?

And to prove my idea is for everyone, not just the Robin Leach “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” crowd, here’s a picture of the hot tub boat. By the looks of it, when they get tired of taking it easy in their floating hot tub, they all lean to one direction and hope for a breeze to get them back to shore, or else they’re going to find Gilligan’s Island.

Now, with those ideas explained, here’s my idea that I am sure no one has done with a pool as of yet. A pool in an airplane.

Talk about high roller status! Forget being crammed into seats with no leg room on international flights, stretch out, work out and kick back in a pool at 38,000 feet instead. Of course we’re not talking about practicality here, we’re talking going beyond where no man or woman has been before, and that’s putting a pool in an airplane. Why? – because we can and we want to.

Since personal pool lighter than air craft are a few years off, I’m thinking of a traditional yet modern aircraft. I’ve spent many nights now working through the many challenges of critical weight distribution for take off, level flight and landing. I figure the pool would have to start empty with the pool water stored in tanks in the front and rear of the plane. Then a serious pump, like the 3 hp Whisperflo – would fill the pool quickly once at cruising altitude, and then drain the pool water back into the tanks for landing.

Yeah sure, there are a few more things to work out like having a plane large enough to hold a pool and with enough power to take flight, maintain it and then safely land with the weight of all that water onboard. Of course, you could dump the water before landing, but that might generate some complaints from anyone who has a pool poured on their house!

If you have an idea of something that has never been done with a pool before, tell us about it! What would be your fantasy swimming pool – if money were no object? Leave a Reply Below!


Larry Andersen
InTheSwim Staff Blogger



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