Pool Safety Covers Save 6 Ways

safety-cover-meycoIt’s that time of year again, folks. The summer is winding down. The kids are back to school, and it’s time to drag the pool cover out of the garage and prepare for pool closing.

A safety cover is an investment in your pool, which is another way to say something is expensive.

If you’ve ever thought about upgrading to a safety pool cover – did you know safety covers can actually save you money?

SAVE WATER: A mesh safety cover will save you money on refilling your pool at the beginning of the year. Since they are made of a highly durable mesh material, all of the snow that collects and then melts on the cover is collected into your pool, and it’s the same for rain water. The money saved by not adding 500 gallons per inch is a welcome sight and makes melting snow more enjoyable. Don’t think of it as snow, think of it as money sprinkling down from the sky, collecting on top of your mesh safety cover, melting down like liquid gold into your pool and back into your bank account where you can save it up – for a rainy day.

SAVE EFFORT: If you’ve ever pumped and dredged, scrubbed and clean, hung to dry and then folded and stored a solid, water bag type pool cover – you know why pool service companies charge upwards of $200 for the service. A safety pool cover is so fast and easy to remove, that service companies charge 75% less. This adds up to loads of money over 15 years time. After only a few years, a safety cover will have paid for itself in reduced effort, or from reduced service fees.

SAVE ACCESSORIES: Pool safety covers are so durable and hardy, you may not even spend $50 in replacement hardware over 15 years. A few anchors, maybe a replacement hex key. But solid covers – every year you need new water bags and every few years a new cover pump. If you bought just 2-3 water bags per year, and one cover pump every 5 years, you’d spend nearly $500 over 15 years time.

SAVE REPLACEMENTS: A mesh safety cover is a tough, durable and safe pool cover. Safety covers can last 4X longer than the best solid, floating pool covers. The average safety pool cover lasts 12 years; and some last years longer. You’d go through 3-5 solid pool covers during that same period, not to mention dozens of water bags and a few cover pumps. Sure, a solid pool cover is a quick fix and much easier on the wallet, but in the long term a safety cover is a better buy.

graffe-in-poolSAVE LIVES: Besides saving money, a pool safety cover saves lives and protects people and animals alike. If you are like me, and have an elephant roaming your backyard, but can’t quite afford a long-necked giraffe (safer around pools), it’s important to have a cover that won’t collapse when an animal or toddler runs across the pool cover.

Solid, floating pool covers are quite dangerous, and even if nearly dry, are unsafe for kids and animals to be around.

SAVE ENERGY: I know it’s fun to watch a hardworking cover pump blast water off the of a solid cover on a slightly warm day as the snow just begins to melt. If you imagine it as money being blasted out of your bank account dollar by dollar – it’s not quite as fun to watch. Cover pumps use electricity every time it discharges water from a solid pool cover. Sure, not a lot, but over the long term, little expenses add up, especially over 15 years time.

looploc-bubblesAside from the money saving aspects of a durable, dependable mesh safety cover, you cannot put a price on the peace of mind you will have knowing that your pool in the off-season is not a trap for your dogs, wild animals, or elephants.

Rest easy knowing that kids or grandchildren are safe no matter how carefree, clumsy, or even daring they maybe around the safety cover.

Once a pool safety cover is installed, it requires no extra effort in resetting or adjusting because it is rock solid and secure. A safety pool cover is the wise investment that ultimately pays for itself in just a few seasons of use.


Ryan Dornan
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


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