Saving Money on Chlorine Costs

reduce-chlorine-costsChlorine is the most common chemical used to treat drinking and bathing water. Chlorine is dependable to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of algae in the pool water.

Chlorine costs can add up to hundreds of dollars each year. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your chlorine usage, while keeping your pool sanitary.

5 Ways to Reduce Pool Chlorine Expense


Keep your water balanced. Proper pH is absolutely crucial; each tick above 7.4 reduces your chlorine efficacy by 10%. At a pH of 8.0, over 70% of your chlorine is wasted and ineffective. Alkalinity, as a buffer for your pH level is also an important level to maintain in your pool.

10-ways-to-enjoy-your-pool-number-2Use chlorine stabilizer. Test your water every month for pool stabilizer or cyanuric acid level, and maintain the level at 20-40 ppm. Pool conditioner protects chlorine from the sun, and makes a dramatic difference in the amount of chlorine needed.


Use Minerals or Ozone. Mineral sanitizers add minerals like copper into the pool water. Mineral systems eliminate algae and bacteria and reduce your chlorine demand. Mineral purifiers allow for chlorine levels to be as low as .5 ppm, cutting chlorine costs in half.

Ozonators use the power of ozone to destroy nearly all particle types in your water. A very powerful sanitizer, ozone systems can be installed to pump the gas into your return line, and reduce your chlorine demand by up to 50%.

10-ways-to-enjoy-your-pool-number-4Keep chlorine level low. It is not necessary to have a heavy reliance on large quantities of chlorine. Keep the chlorine around 1.0 ppm, and shock only when needed to restore water quality or remove chloramines. Aside from saving money, you’ll have less chlorine odor, skin and eye irritation.


Improve your filtration. Improved filtration and circulation helps to reduce the amount of chlorine required. Clarifiers can be used, or look at the most recent post from Dr. Pool on how to improve your pool filter’s effectiveness.

What about Salt Chlorinators?

jandy-salt-systemsSalt chlorine generators can be cost-effective as well because pool salt is so cheap. But when you add the cost of the salt unit, and the eventual replacement salt cell, the long term cost of using a salt system works out to be about the same as using tablets.

However, using these tips will also help reduce the output of a salt cell, resulting in longer cell life, and reducing overall chlorine cost.


So ~ if you want to reduce your chlorine cost this year, take care of these influencing factors, and cut your chlorine costs in half!

Alex Malamos
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


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