Small Pool Water Features

Small Water Feature - photo by Polly Nimick
Pool Water Features is the catch-all phrase to cover any type of splashing, spraying, shooting water display that you can add to your pool plumbing.

From a spouting statuary in the corner of the pool, to stacked rocks releasing a babbling brook, they take on many forms.

Today’s photo blog is centered around small pool water feature ideas. The only limitation is your imagination (and your budget)!

Copper-finish Pedestal Fountains spill over into the pool for a soft splashy sound. Pedestal water features come in a variety of size, shapes and materials.pool-water-features-small-4

Sheer Descent™ Waterfall placed inside of a simple faux stacked rock wall, backed by bamboo and Buddha, to qualify as a tranquil, ‘zen pool‘. pool-water-features-small-1

Stacked rock Water Wall tucks nicely into the corner. Fed by a 2″ PVC pipe that separates into smaller branches to fill a small trough on top which overflows, more or less evenly.small-water-features-8

Rain Curtain Water Features are pretty special, and can be attached to any structure like a Pergola, or more elaborate arches, or where a patio roof overhangs the pool surface. small-water-features-pool-9

Poolside fountains, like the Scupper, sit on the side of the pool and connect via the pool return line, or dedicated pipe. Small pool water features often don’t need a separate pump, but use a valve to control the flow between pool returns and fountain pipes.pool-water-features-small-9

A Cascade Feature uses large flat rocks to create a tumbling river into the pool. A rubber membrane and lots of mortar is used to keep it leak-free. small-rock-waterfall-2

The Frog Spout is a classic villa pool fountain, and placed in a corner, they can be attached to a nearby pool return line, with a small valve for flow control. No need for a dedicated line or separate fountain pump.small-pool-frog-fountain

This minimal free standing fountain is barely there and can be turned on/off automatically with valve actuators, powered by a pool controller, and remote control.small-pool-small-fountain

Wall Spouts are a classic design, with Floral designs and Lion heads being the most popular. Raised walls also are retaining walls, for an upper deck area or planter area.pool-water-spouts

Deck Jets are a favorite for many pool builders. Small jets are placed in the deck to shoot a very accurate stream of water, which can also be colored with LED lights. small-pool-water-fountains

Adding small water features to your pool can be done as part of a renovation, or smaller spouts or fountains can be added anytime.

Pool Fountain Installation? Very small fountains or spouts can be tapped off of an existing pool return pipe, with a Tee fitting and a small valve. Larger fountains typically have their own dedicated pipe running from the equipment pad. Features with even greater water volumes are connected to a booster pump to supply it’s own water, without affecting filtration or circulation.

Contact us for help with your own DIY small pool water feature, or if you prefer to keep your hands clean – contact your local APSP pool professional for their ideas and pricing for the job.

Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor



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