Swimming Pool Renovations: Before and After


There’s nothing quite like a Before and After photo, to show how far something or someone has improved.

Today’s photo-blog is an idea book for swimming pool renovation and remodeling. These photos are courtesy of the proud pool builders who helped a homeowners dream come true.


Cipriano Landscape received a lot of attention for this pool and grounds re-do a few years ago. A very dramatic pool and backyard remodel.


Outdoor Living Pool & Patio added a Baja Shelf, for toddlers to play or for use as a tanning shelf (or a water polo goal). Also replaced the old school tile, coping and plaster. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-3

Humble Sparkling Pool Service renovated this pool to include a separate hot tub, planter and water feature design. And also replaced the blue tile, brick coping and paver deck. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-4

Freestyle Pools & Spas matched this vanilla pool to the tropical surroundings with stone decking, raised spa, dark plaster and tile, and lots of tropical plants. A real lagoon would not be rectangular, so the shape of the pool was modified. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-5

Another Freestyle Pools & Spas renovation. After removing the safety fence, this facelift added a spillover spa, custom molded coping, glass tile and a travertine deck. Sweet!pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-6

Freestyle again with a customer tired of the sterile look on this once modern pool and spa. Darker plaster and tile, with natural stones and tropical plants really changes the pool look.pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-7

Desert Springs Renovations changed this pool and spa combo for a family that loved the pools at Disney resorts. Large rocks, waterfalls and muted colors make it happen. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-8

Colleys Pools takes charge on a vinyl pool renovation with new liner, decking, fence and gravel surround, making this pool much more appealing. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-9

Aqua 1 Pools replaces a textured concrete deck and brick coping with a travertine stone (very popular now), and straightens out the water quality issue. pool-remodeling-before-and-after-pictures-2

J. Designs Pool & Spa brought this pool up to date with a complete deck replacement, cantilevered over the edge of the pool, capping a modern pool tile color. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-10

In this complete backyard renovation, the pool shape is perfect for a mountain lake design, with overhanging stone decking, and boulders surrounded by evergreen bushes.pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-1

Shasta Pools brought this pool deck and edge up to date by removing the ‘Flintstones’ pool edge and the Kool Deck, replacing with a travertine stone and matching tile. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-2

Another Shasta Pool project, removing accent tiles and perimeter tile and replacing white plaster with a blue bead surface.pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-3

Shasta has done over 30,000 pool renovations, below is an updated the pool/spa combo turned water feature, and replaced dated tile with a stone finish. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-4

“The 80’s called, they want their red brick and blue tile back!” Splash Pools transforms this dated raised spa in a clean and modern design. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-5

Another Splash Pools renovation adds pedestal planters and water features, replaces the cantilever deck with cast concrete and travertine, and gave the tile and plaster a facelift.pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-6

Splash Pools turned this boring inground spa into an infinity spa, overflowing on the far side (which looks out to a lake). Finished with a large rustic stone and a stamped concrete deck. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-7

The color scheme non-existent, MA Pools replaced the pool tile and coping with a dark color to match the stamped and stained pool deck. pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-8

Another J. Designs Pool & Spa brought this pool up to date by with a colored, textured and scored concrete deck, and a more neutral color for perimeter pool tile.  pool-renovation-before-and-after-pictures-9

I hope you enjoyed looking at these 19 pool re-design ideas as much as I did! Every 25 years or so, you can plan on a pool rehab.

Why not dream big and make it into your dream pool? Remodeling and renovating a pool on the scale of these shown above is affordable and adds value to your home.


Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


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