Black Friday Pool Supply Clearance

black-friday-saleNovember is here. This means that most of us start to feel cold temperatures, make holiday plans, and of course, begin to shop. I am referring of course, to the event known as Black Friday.

Black Friday – as well as Cyber Monday, or any other variation for shopping deals – has become a tradition – about as much as turkey on Thanksgiving.

In The Swim is no different, you’ll find great deals from In The Swim that are up to 55% off! Here’s a sampling of  Black Friday bargains on pool chemicals, equipment and accessories.

black friday accessories on sale

black friday jet netThe Jet Net, is a popular radio control pool skimmer, now available at a  limited time price. This is one of those pool accessories that people will have to take turns to use – whether or not the pool is actually dirty!

black friday mytee brushThe Mytee Mitt and Brush are used to remove any undesirable material from the water. Whether it is rust, algae, or dirt, you can scrub off pool tile, vinyl and cement for a sparkling clean job.

black friday 41 inch vacheadThe 41 inch Vac Head, the ProVac Flexible fits either a 1.5 inch or a 2 inch vac hose. Dual hose pulls debris from both sides equally. With a lot of suction, the ProVac is great for fast pool or fountain cleaning.

black friday pool-chemicals-hero

black friday green to cleanGreen-To-Clean 4lb is available at year end prices. Within 24 hours, Green To Clean completely removes the green and murky water. Note that Green-To-Clean requires a round of pool shocking first.

black friday cloud-outFortunately, pool shock is also on sale. Cloud-Out Shock is highly concentrated and is active for 7-10 days. Makes a great (funny) as a stocking stuffer for the pool guy or gal.

black friday pool start up kitsPool Start-Up Kits with Chlorine Shock are a real Black Friday deal. While supplies last, all 3 kits are on sale and include a 10-pack of Free test strips. Why wait until spring? Buy a start-up kit today, and save!

black friday pool-toys-and-floats-hero

black friday inflatable canoeIt may be hard to imagine having fun in a pool during the winter season, however, depending on if you live in a more climate-friendly area, the Inflatable Kids Canoe provides safety, stability and fun.

black friday cool castleThe Cool Castle Floating Habitat is fun for everyone! This is at a great discount, so now is the perfect opportunity to own this habitat! For a fraction of regular price, this colorful pool habitat is available.

black friday aquasofaSave now on the Aqua Sofa. This sofa is meant to be used on the deck OR in the pool water. It looks like a real sofa, which is why it’s hard to believe it can be used in water! It holds up to three adults, comes in a white and blue color scheme, and has matching pillows!

black friday backyard-and-home-hero

black friday outdoor clockThe 11.5 Inch Oval Wooden Clock serves as a great decorative piece for the poolside area. Outdoor pool clocks can be used for residential and commercial pools alike.

black friday market umbrellaThis 9 foot Wood Market Umbrella adds shade to the patio. Those who are not swimming or even swimmers that are resting and eating can enjoy some relaxation under the shade.

black friday iheaterThe iHeater is a big money-saving investment for fall. The durable iHeater doesn’t use a flame or external hotspot. This is a safe and efficient heater for indoor or outdoor use.

black friday steps-and-ladders-hero

black friday deluxe pool entry systemThe Deluxe Step Entry System with Gate is not only a safe entry system for above ground pools, but it is also known for its strength. Adjustable from 48 to 56 inches.

black friday 3-step pool ladderA 3-Step Ladder for In-Ground pools is a basic safety piece that all inground pools should have installed. This safe and sturdy entry for the in ground pool allows swimmers to get in and out with ease.

black friday mighty stepMighty Step for Above-ground pools allows swimmers of all ages to easily get into the water. Mighty Step comes with tall rails that help swimmers enter and exit the pool safely.

black friday slides-and-diving-boards-hero

black friday cyclone slideThe Cyclone Fun Slide is a compact and stylish pool slide that installs in only hours, and fits on most 3′ concrete pool deck aprons. Kid sized slide comes with a wall return connection for instant slide water.

black friday frontier II boardThe 8 foot Frontier II Radiant White Diving Board from SR Smith is a quality and durable replacement board available in our Thanksgiving Madness sale. All of our replacement diving boards are clearance priced.

black friday helixThe HeliX Slide is a spiral slide for use in in-ground residential swimming pools. Another product from SR Smith, it comes together under easy assembly. Holds up to 275 pounds.

black friday pool equipment sale
black friday proseries sand filtersHurry now to the 22 inch Hayward Sand Filter for inground pools. This sand filter gives you a thorough backwash for the most crystal clear water possible. Reduce energy costs with excellent filtration.

black friday aquaray cleanerAqua-Ray Automatic Cleaner from Hayward doesn’t go easy on dirt. The AquaRay cleans automatically and only needs minimal maintenance. It even installs in under 10 minutes.

black friday aquavacHayward Aqua Vac robotic cleaner provides two cleaning cycles to select from – quick and standard cycles. This automatic cleaner is effective on any inground swimming pool.

lack friday hie2 heatersThe Jandy Hi-E2 Propane Heater is now available at $1000 off. Low maintenance propane heater for pools. Great for use in extreme weather conditions.

black friday solar heatersSolar Pool Heaters are also available at a great price! SmartPool solar heating systems are known for reliability. Inground or above ground pools.

black friday heatpro heat pumpHayward HeatPro Heat Pumps Heaters are easy to read with their LED Temperature readout and top-mounted control panels. Save over 40% on Hayward’s high efficiency pool heat pump, and heat your pool for $1 per day.

There are hundreds more discount pool products at the In The Swim Black Friday Sale from In The Swim. Sale runs through Monday, so you better get there fast before all the deals are gone!

Happy Shopping!

Alex Malamos
InTheSwim Staff Blogger

Sunbelt Pool Closing for Off-Season Pools

sunbelt-pool-closingFrozen pools are on the way! Growing up in north Texas – winters were cold, as it is in many parts of the country’s mid-section We were definitely in the sunbelt, but a little too far north for a mild gulf coast winter.

In those areas of the sunbelt that have freezing temperatures, (which is most areas) should you winterize the pool? Yes – if you aren’t going to use the pool until spring – winterize it!

Benefits of Winterizing a Sunbelt Poolbenefits-of-winterizing-a-sunbelt-pool-3

  • No electrical or heating costs
  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Protects against freeze damage
  • Take a break from pool cleaning

Ways to Winterize a Sunbelt Poolhow-to-winterize-a-sunbelt-pool

  • Cover & Continue
  • Partial Winterization
  • Full Winterization

Depending on how cold your winter weather is where you live – the simplest way is to simply Cover the pool and Continue with a small amount of daily filtering and chemicals, and full operation during cold snaps, or freezing temps.

With some higher level of difficulty, I offer two more ways to winterize a southern pool, a Partial Winterization or a Full Winterization. A summary of each pool winterizing method are below, click through the links for more information.

snowflake-3Cover and Continue

The first way to winterize a sunbelt pool is to cover it with a good winter pool cover, and reduce the operating hours to just a few hours daily, except during periods of frost or freezing.

With a tight fitting cover, your pool stays clean and sunlight is blocked, so very little sanitizer or algaecide is needed to keep the water fresh.

A mesh safety pool cover is the easiest, safest and best looking winter pool cover. Mesh allows rain and snow melt to pass thru, no cover pump needed, just lower the pool water level as needed with the pool filter pump.

digital-timeclockFreeze sensors can be installed with an Intermatic digital timeclock, or pool system controllers, to turn the pump on if temperatures reach a set point. More about pool freeze protection.

snowflake-3Partial Winterization

Test and balance your pool water, and shock the pool a few days before closing. Then add a winter chemical kit, following kit instructions.

Backwash your pool filter, and continue to lower the water level 6-12 inches below the skimmer opening. You can also use a submersible pump.

Cover the pool tightly; use a small pool cover pump to remove standing water from solid covers, or to lower the pool water level for mesh covers.

pool-anti-freezeDrain the pump, filter, heater and any aboveground pipes. Remove chlorine from chlorinators. Add a gallon of pool antifreeze to the skimmer line and plug it. More about pool skimmer winterization.

snowflake-3Full Winterization

Clean the pool and test and balance the water, shock the pool and then add a pool closing kit, as described above.

Backwash the pool water level down 6-12″ below the skimmer, 6″ for solid covers, or 12″ for mesh covers. Close the skimmer valves to continue pumping below the skimmer opening via the main drain. Cartridge filters may need to use a submersible pump to lower the pool level.

Remove the drain plugs on pump, filter, heater and place into a clean pump basket. Remove DE grids or cartridges for cleaning, then replace into the tank. Shut off the power at the breaker and timeclock.

cyclone-blower-at-InTheSwimBlow out the lines. Connect a blower to the skimmer, or use a small compressor at the pump, and blow air through the pump, filter and heater, and back through the pool returns. Plug the returns and skimmers tightly. More about blowing pool pipes.


No matter what pool closing method you use – cover the pool tightly to keep the pool clean and to block sunlight. Use a cover pump to remove rain water and snow melt, keeping the water level below the skimmer. More about winter pool covers.

freeze-map-USAnd if you’re still on the fence about ‘weather’ or not to winterize, take a look at your placement on the map. All parts of the country, except the pinkish-orange areas are hit with few to frequent winter freezes.


Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


Spas & Hot Tubs are HOT!

image purch'd thru dreamstimeHeat up the Winter!

When some people think of winter, they think of cold weather, frigid temperatures, icy roads and snow. Now you can change all that, and think of heating up – in a Hot Tub.

The purpose of our spa buyer’s guide is to help compare and contrast several hot tubs and spas features; what’s included and how to distinguish between the 18 different spas and hot tubs for sale.

A section at the end to help you with helpful accessories that can be beneficial to any hot tub or spa. Before you soak in a nice hot tub, first soak up some information about spas and hot tubs.


First, let’s take a gander at some of the most portable spas. These economical spas are popular, super-portable and easy to maintain. With 4 spa models from $500 to $1500, spas and hot tub prices are within reach of everyone.

intex-purespaThe Intex PureSpa Portable Spa fits up to four people and offers a system of easy filter replacement. Self-inflating and strong enough to sit on. User-friendly digital interface is easy for anyone to understand. Comes with a carry bag for easy portability and also includes a spa chemical dispenser and test strips.

ez-spaThe EZ Spa Four Person hot tub is a big portable spa, holding 250 gals, with 127 micro air jets! It comes with a one year warranty and includes an inflation hose. Marine grade vinyl construction is similar to white water rafts, built to be extremely durable. Includes an Insulair Thermal Cover, and a Locking Top Spa Cover.

spa-in-a-box-2Spa-N-A-Box uses an octagonal panel system with a heavy duty liner, and has a quick set up of only 20 minutes. Holds 280 gals, fits up to five people, and heats up to 104 degrees. Included is a thermal insulated cover and filtration system. Digital temperature is easy to use and no wiring or plumbing is needed.

airispa-portable-spaThe Airi Spa is an oval shaped 2 person hot tub available in three different colors – choose from Forest Green, Burgundy or Oasis Blue. The Pump and Filter system are self-contained and included with the Airi Spa. Lightweight and portable, it only weighs 86 pounds (dry). Includes a 1kw heater and spa cover.


Still portable, but less so, with weights of 300-900 lbs dry and 2000-4000 lbs when full of water, they are designed for a more permanent placement, indoors or outdoors.

Within this category of portable hot tubs, we have spas made of beautifully mixed and rotomolded resins, with hot tub prices of $2-4K, or our more luxurious acrylic finished hot tub prices in the $4-6K range.

Distinguished by features such as number of jets, seats, lights and the pump and heater size, we offer over a dozen permanent hot tubs for sale, priced right and packed with features of much more expensive portable hot tubs.


aquarock-bliss-spaThe AquaRock Bliss Spa is our entry level model. Rotomolded design has a lifetime warranty, and a light weight of 285 lbs (dry). 11 jets powered by a 2 hp pump and filter. The Bliss Jet Spa comes with enough seating for 4 to 5 people. Underwater LED lighting and a backlit digital topside control.

aquarock-serene-spaThe AquaRock Serene Spa has 14 jets and a maximum capacity of four people. It runs on a 2 hp pump and is ozone ready.  Like the other Aqua Rock hot tubs, it has a backlit digital topside control system and has free chemical start-up kit available with purchase.

aquarock-tranquility-spa-2The AquaRock Tranquility Spa has 29 black jets, 6 seats and 310 gallons. The Underwater LED light is included, and the Xanadu comes ready for an Ozonator. The Pump is 2 hp and it has a 1kw/4kw Stainless Steel All-season Heater and ThermoCell. digital topside control system.


aquarock-fiji-spaThe AquaRock Fiji Acrylic Spa is an affordable acrylic spa that also includes LED lighting and an insulated cover. Runs on a powerful 4 Kw heater and a 4 hp pump, pushing through 40 jets. The beautiful acrylic finish comes in several colorful options. Fits 2-3 people in single lounger or dual lounger designs.

aquarock-mykonos-spaAquaRock Mykonos Acrylic Spas have 4-5 seats and includes such features as a waterfall, internal step / cool down seat, 5 hp pump, 4 kw heater, blower and 50 stainless steel jets. Weighing in at 785 lbs (dry), the Mykonos spa holds 325 gallons and has 8 total points of led lighting.

aquarock-venice-spaThe Aqua Rock Morocco 90 Jet Hot Tub has 5 to 6 seats, a backlit LED waterfall and 16 total points of LED light, and has an ozonator installed. Rollover shoulder jets and 400 gallons make this our largest spa size. Like our other fine spas, it comes with a spa cover and a lifetime warranty on the spa cabinet.


For a complete relaxing experience, you can even include spa fragrances. Crystal and liquid fragrances provide aromatherapy and help your time spent in the spa to be even more relaxing.

spa-cover-removal-before-shockingSpa cover lifts are the easy solution to storing and covering up your hot tub. This way you don’t have to worry about where to store the cover, or injuring yourself or damaging the cover while removing and replacing.

Spa steps or rails are helpful to ensure safe entry and exit from the spa, and some even come with built-in storage compartments or planter

Finally, don’t forget spa chemicals and cleaning tools, to keep the water fresh for up to 3 months between changes.

I hope that this spa and hot tub buyer’s guide will kick start your search for a brand new hot tub or spa. Now that you know some of the basics of what to expect and what kind of accessories are helpful for spa maintenance, you can now move forward with confidence in your selection process.

mailbox_open_mail_flag_150_wht_14057 - image from PMView all 18 hot tubs for sale and if you have any questions regarding, drop us an email, or call us anytime at 800-288-7946.

Alex Malamos
InTheSwim Staff Blogger


Install a 360° Pool Slide!

360-pool-slideWant to build a backyard water park? Adding a 360° pool slide will make your pool the talk of the town, with neighborhood kids showing up at your doorstep, towel in hand.

There are not many pool accessories that have the caché, or wow-factor of these jumbo pool slides. For under $3K your inground pool can have real appeal!

Installing one of these 7′ tall pool slides with a full 360° rotation is not for the weak of heart – but if you want to add some real excitement to your inground pool – read on, dear reader.

That is one Big Pool Slide!

srmith-gforce-pool-slideNo doubt about it, these are large pool slides with a large footprint. Depending on how you orient the slide to the pool, the amount of space it needs will change, but you’ll need a good chunk of concrete, about 8′x7′, or 50+ sq. ft. of area, to anchor in a 360 pool slide.

Secondly, there is not only the concrete area to be concerned with, but there are strict guidelines for the depth of the pool in front of the slide exit.

Water can be a minimum depth of 3′ below the slide, but at 4’6″ out from the wall, the depth minimum increases to 4’6″. This minimum depth must continue for another 9′, or a total of 13’6″ from the slide exit.

A slide so fast, it needs extra stopping room for sliders!

WATER-SAFETY-ENVELOPE-SLIDES-SR-SMITHIn addition to these minimum depths and distance in front of the slide, this ‘water safety envelope’ for the slide cannot intersect with a diving board’s water safety envelope. See diagram to visualize slide position and the water safety envelope in front of the slide exit.

Can a Pool Owner Install a 360 Slide?

If you can use a measuring tape, drill holes in concrete, move bulky semi-heavy items, turn a wrench, and do some light plumbing, you’re all set! You will also need a helper at times during assembly of the slide, and to move it around the deck.

slide-assemblyMost of this job is assembling the slide. In fact, for the G-Force, steps 1-20 of a 26 step process is just putting together the slide components into it’s full upright position. The heliX slide is a bit easier to assemble compared to the G-Force, being more modular in construction. Both 360 pool slides come with extremely detailed installation manuals, with tons of pictures.

mark-the-holesOnce the slide is assembled, it can be slid into place, and with a measuring tape, carefully follow instructions for proper overhang. With the slide in position you mark the holes through the holes around the slide legs.

slide-holes-drilledSlide the slide out of the way, and use a rotary hammer drill to drill holes for the anchor bolts that were just marked; 8 holes for the heliX and 12 holes for the G-Force.

tighten-boltsInsert the anchor bolts into the drilled holes and tighten down. Now carefully move the slide again, over the bolts sticking up out of the concrete. Line up the bolts with all of the holes, and tighten nuts tightly (very tightly).

The next step is to connect the ladder handrails (G-Force), and the final step for both 360 degree pool slides is to connect the water supply. Very important step – these slides have a lot of surface to wet, so they need a heavy supply.

You don’t want to use a garden hose connection, because this adds water to the pool whenever you use the slide. Run a line from the return line or the cleaner line, with a valve at the slide to control it. It can also be automatically controlled.

Is a 360° Pool Slide Just for Kids?

Certainly popular with the kids, but these slides are built to hold the weight of an adult, or 300 lbs, whichever comes first.

The tight twist is not especially built for tall humans however, and if you are over 6′ tall like myself, you’ll feel a little twisted!

Good, clean fun, for humans of all sizes – and all ages! Definitely not just for kids! Install a 360° pool slide on your own inground pool!

Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor