Best & Worst Pinterest Pool Ideas

pinterest-pool-logoPinterest is full of great DIY tips, and easy life hacks that you can implement to improve your lifestyle. Pinterest was (and still is) mostly about recipes, but recipes for more than food.

Pools are a natural for pinterest, visual and visceral, with charm and appeal galore, they make beautiful gallery boards. Look deeper below the surface, and you will find endless pinterest pool hack pictures, or ways to improve your pool appearance, warmth or water chemistry. But not all pinterest pool tips are winners…

Here then, is my Top10 Best & Worst Pinterest Pool Ideas.

1. Glow in the Dark Mosaic Tiles

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Glow in the dark pool  tiles soak up energy from the sun during the day, then put on a light show through the evening. I love this idea for several reasons. Obviously, it looks really cool! But it’s also a nice safety measure as well as a eco-friendly way to add so evening illumination and ambience to your pool sans electricity. You don’t have to completely tile your pool to use glow in the dark pool tiles, but can use it for step trim or as accent art. Underwater Art!

2. Solar Cover Reel Bench

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Not only does the solar reel bench protect solar blankets and solar reels from unnecessary UV exposure from the sun but it also is much more aesthetically pleasing than a rolled-up blanket and reel. Of course, the best part is extended pool deck seating for about, eh, 20 or so swimmers. You can build your own solar cover box with a steel or aluminum powder coated frame and varnished wood top (and back/sides if you like), or hire a craftsman like Ian.

  1. Beluga Solar Pool Heater:

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Here’s one you could find on an In The Swim pinterest board! We love our Beluga Solar Heater. This hose adapter is an exceptionally brilliant way to use solar energy to warm your swimming pool. In tandem with a black hose (or two) purchased separately, the Beluga diverts an adjustable stream of water through the black hose to collect heat from the sun—it’s that simple. Just screw into any 1.5″ wall return, connect (any color) garden hose, and adjust the diverter for a slow 1-2 gpm flow rate.

  1. Hula Hoop Solar Sun Ring:

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Ok, so not all ideas are gold. This pool is green first of all, and secondly, this seems to me a flagrant waste of a hula hoop, a garbage bag and a pool noodle, and – some poor kid is stuck with half a noodle. Although it technically does add some heat, depending on the size of your swimming pool, it would require several dozen hula hoops and noodles. The real Solar Sun Rings or Solar Squares, are 5′ in diameter and made of ‘space-age materials’ and design to amplify the sun’s rays, and magnets that lock themselves together. Nonetheless, Kudos, to this crafty pinterest pool owner!

  1. Pallet Noodle Racks

pin by jfishkind (left) and 1001pallets (right)

It doesn’t take long into a DIY Pool Project search to realize that pool noodles and wooden pallets are like peanut butter and chocolate, in the world of crafty re-purposing. In this case, the pallets provide a way to tame unruly and rebellious pool noodles. We like these because they are incredibly simple. You don’t even need picture instructions to figure these out. No Allen wrenches, no hot glue – just a couple of nails, and VOILA! you are done.

  1. Water Balloons or Glow Sticks – in the Pool?

    pins by smartschoolhouse (left) and loafersandcocoa (right)

    pins by smartschoolhouse (left) and loafersandcocoa (right)

So, I’m on the fence about this one. The adult in me says, “No Way – Think of your skimmers, think of your pool plumbing! All those balloons are going to pop and create a mess!”  My inner-child however says, no screams, “BELLY-FLOP!!!” You make the call. Another popular pool party parlor trick is to add glow sticks to the pool for a night time soiree. Again, you make the call, but don’t call me if that stuff leaks out in the pool or pokes a hole in a pool liner!

  1. Caulking Your Pool Vulkem caulked being applied to pool expansion joint

pin by Seastead

You can find excellent DIY ideas and tutorials all over pinterest. But some are particular favorites because they cover important things like caulking your expansion joints. Updating your pool caulk is a great DIY pool task that won’t cost you a small fortune. Cut out the old caulk, push in a layer of foam backer rod, and squirt in the Vulkem self leveling pool caulk (Lock up the dog first!). Inground pools with coping should caulk the pool / deck expansion joint every 5 years, to keep out debris and grit, and prevent damage from freezing water.

  1. Hair Chlorine Removal

Pin by 1crazyhouse

To be fair, we’ve never tried this, and to be honest, we’re pretty sure that shampoo and water works just fine. In fact, we’re pretty sure just water will rinse out most chlorine. If you’ve tried this (to any effect) let us know how it went. And, if you do, does it work with blueberry Kool-Aid, or just Lemonade? I hope so, because I’m partial to blueberry. Might be easier to wear a cap – how about  one of those flowered retro swim caps? 🙂


  1. Pool Noodle Cooler

Pin by onecrazyhouse

Pin by 1crazyhouse

There’s dozens of variations of the floating noodle cooler, and we like them all. We’re just concerned that it might increase the frequency in which people have to use the restroom – if you know what I mean. Anyway, this clever pool hack has all the elements of brilliant design. Take your basic plastic tote box, cut a noodle into 4 pieces, and tie a sturdy rope or twine through the noodles (the ones with the center hole), and you’re done!


  1. Tennis Ball in the Pool to Absorb Oils

image by istockphoto, on account

pin by photo by istockphoto


This may be the very first pool hack ever posted on the internet.  But you know what, it works!  So clocking in at number ten, is the ole tennis-ball-in-the-pool-hack. Now, although a ScumBall is a bit more effective, tennis balls will absorb some surface oils, too.

Check out all of these and much much more on our DIY Pool Ideas Pinterest Board!

Did we miss one of your favorite DIY Pool Ideas?  Do you have one that you feel should be added to our list?  We’d love to here from you! Leave a comment or shoot us an email at


Dana Katz
InTheSwim Staff Blogger



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  1. In addition to Deep Water jogging I like to use the resistance Water Circle at our local ymca. I am 66 and overweight by 40 lb. How many calories are burned walking in a resistance pool?

    • According to livestrong, a 155 lb person can burn 563 calories water walking, or 12 calories per minute, compared to 8 calories for dry land walking. Since you walk in a resistance pool, the calorie burn may be greater – and of course, it all depends on how fast you walk, and how much energy you expend – could be burning even more!

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