Holiday Pool Parties

holiday pool party

Holiday season brings cold weather and snow for those of us hibernating in the snowbelt. Even for those of you who live in the Sun Belt.

Closed pools and cold weather shouldn’t deter you from throwing a COOL pool party during the festive season; Holidays should be joyful!

Pool and Patio Prep

The first thing to do for a holiday pool party is to prepare the pool – even if your pool is winterized and covered for the winter season. Since your guests will probably not be swimming, all you need to do is remove your winter cover and give your pool a makeover. We suggest that we start by adding some red or green pool dye to your pool water to match the festive spirit and add color to the dull winter night.

Think of what else you might float in the pool for decoration. Red and Green pool tubes, or beach balls perhaps. How about floating candles or a row of balloons strung across the pool, or running garland tinsel around the edge of the pool?

Pool Party Decorations

Use Christmas string lights to light up the outside. Wrap your trees or patio posts or run them along the fence. Don’t run these lights around the pool, just under the pool coping. It’s a tempting idea to try, but it could be very dangerous.

Adding patio and floating pool lights will help create a party mood and liven up the pool party. The LED ChillLite, shown left, requires no wiring and can be placed any where – they even float!

The Loon Pool Light is great for smaller pools; battery-operated underwater light can be used in or out of the pool. Radiates red, blue, green, and white lights – just perfect for a colorful pool party.

led globe lights for umbrellas on your patio

Use our LED Globe Lights to decorate your patio and deck; these lights are perfect for hanging under your umbrella, around your gazebo or deck, and enhance your party setting. You can also place colorful candles or solar lights along your entrance and walkway so your guests will not have to walk in the dark to get to the pool.

Patio Heating Options

Since a winter pool party can be chilly, consider outdoor heating options to create warmth and keep your guests comfortable. Patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits are a few heat sources for the pool area. Heat up the party when night falls, and let your guest enjoy the outdoors.

Pool Party Spirit

You have decorated your pool and the surrounding area but there’s one thing still missing. Music! Hook up a boom box or your stereo to outdoor speakers and play some fun holiday music. Karaoke, anyone? It may be fun to arrange a dance/song contest and let your guests unleash their hidden talents. A disco ball or party lights can help create a dance floor aura that packs the dance floor.

Food and Drinks

If they still aren’t dancing, loosen up their inhibitions with a holiday punch, with cranberries and floating citrus slices. Or maybe your family is known for it’s homemade Egg Nog? Creamy and warm, Egg Nog is a staple at many holiday parties.

If you serve food outside, arrange food warmers to keep your food from getting cold. You can use a Crock Pot style slow cooker to keep hot dips warm; place heating pads under covered dishes; keep extra appetizers in a warm oven; or set up a small electric roaster for appetizers like meatballs, chicken wings, and cocktail weenies to preserve heat and flavor.

Pool Party Safety

Although your guests may not be swimming, it is still very important to take precautions and prevent any accidental falls into your pool. Since you will have to remove your winter cover in order to decorate your pool, you may consider putting a rope fence around your pool to limit access.

no-cellphones near the pool sign

“No Diving” and “No Swimming” signs may deter the daredevil guests from jumping into the pool. “No Pushing” signs can be helpful, or perhaps simply a helpful and humorous sign to remind your guests that pools and cell phones don’t mix.

Enjoy Yourself!

With our humble advice and your super creativity, you are now set to throw the COOLEST holiday pool party that will stay fresh in the memory of your family and friends for a very long time. Chill out and have fun.

Happy Holidays from all of us at In The Swim!

Ayesha Aslam
InTheSwim Staff Blogger

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