Holiday Pool Gift Guide

santa comes to clean your poolWith holidays fast approaching, many may be wondering, “what’s the perfect gift for pool owners?” The lucky ones that live in warmer states will be able to utilize any gift associated with the pool right away, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in the snow-covered parts shouldn’t give the gift of pool! These items will come in handy when the pool season is back in full swing. So, look no further for the perfect present ~ consider these items to make your holiday gift buying a breeze!

Liven things up

Make swimming more fun with the PoolPod, a floatingpoolpod floating ipod speaker ipod speaker you can just drop in the pool and rock the house! Anyone who loves spending time in the pool, and time with their iPod, will enjoy this gift. Instead of lugging a stereo outside, the lucky person on the receiving end of this gift can hook their iPod to the base station and play through the wireless speaker. One of the best parts – no commercials! It’s a great gift to either help liven up a pool party or, depending on your mood, create a more relaxing atmosphere for sunbathing. The music can also be heard underwater – too cool!

Give the ultimate timesaver

One of the most desired gifts for pool owners on everyone’s wish list is an wanda the whale pool cleaner for aboveground poolsautomatic pool cleaner. An item like this never goes out of style, but sometimes pool owners won’t buy them for themselves because they put other pool maintenance items first. If your potential gift recipient owns an above ground pool, they would definitely enjoy having Wanda the Whale clean up the pool for them.

For an in-ground pool owner, try something like the Aquabot.aquabot pool cleaner for inground pools Automatic pool cleaners are easy to set up and are a major time saver… unless you’re like me and love watching these little guys do their thing! 🙂 But for most everyone else, it’s the perfect gift because it’s the one that just keeps giving!

Personalize the pool

Add a touch of sentimentality to the pool with a custom-made placard for your loved ones. Use a favorite summertime phrase or saying that associates with warmer months, fun, and relaxation such as, “Time to sit personalized pool signsback and unwind” or “Walking on sunshine” to get them thinking about all the exciting days of swimming that come after winter. Include names on the sign to make the pool truly your own space. It’s a great gift for pool owners because it adds a touch of uniqueness to the pool and it’s a fun way to welcome guests to your swimming area too. Check out some great outdoor signs here. They even have mats so you could get a matching set with the same design for those who love to coordinate.

Step away from the traditional

Kids can have tons of fun with regular pool floats, but to be unique, try toys that cater star fighter squirterto their interests outside the pool. Perhaps you know a little boy who is into all things mechanical. Transfer that passion into the pool with some fun floats for him like an airplane or speedboat. If he loves futuristic space fighters and wants to be the next jedi, we’ve got you covered with this star fighter squirter.

For little girls, take playing house to an all new level tea cup spinner pool float for girlswith a boathouse! They are sure to love this twist on a traditional game. Or, how about a tea cup spinner so they can enjoy this carnival ride anytime in the pool.

You can even transform your pool into a castle that needs defending buy the inflatable castle pool float gamefrom a super scary sea serpent that’s about to devour your kiddies’ kingdom! All it takes is a little imagination, an inflatable castle with the big baddie serpent, and a brave knight or knightess to defend everyone from certain doom!

Something for the sports fans

Make sports more challenging by transporting the game from the court Buy the Cool Jam Pro pool bball game, at the lowest prices of the year!to the water. There are many different games that can be played in the water that add levels of difficulty and fun. The person receiving a sports related gift can try out their skill at water basketball or even water volleyball.

To complete the gift set, why not get them an NBA pool float with their buy NBA pool basketball pool floats favorite NBA team’s logo? That way, they can enjoy the competitive moments of the game or take the relaxing route by lounging on a float emblazoned with their number one team’s mascot.

Help cool off with a cooler

This inflatable cooler is perfect for floating cooler for beach, river or pool, holds a case of beveragesthose especially hot summer days. It keeps your favorite beverages crisp and cool. The best part of this cool pool gift is that there’s no more having to get out of the pool to hydrate.

Transform the pool

For those of us that live in the frigid, snowy states, you can buy and install your own backyard ice skating rinkget a gift that turns the pool into an ice skating rink! It is a great way to get even more use out of the pool, and can be used simply for ice skating or ice hockey.

Consider the necessities

While admittedly much less fun than some of the other items on this list, consider giving the gift of less stress in the form of pool chemicals, especially  chlorine. Buying this stuff for pool lovers just means it’s one less thing they have to worry about come pool season time. When they make their list of necessary pool supplies to stock up on, there will be one less item on the list thanks to you!

We also have a wide variety of pool chemicals that many pool owners use to maintain their pools periodically throughout the season. Or, if you aren’t sure what they need, consider getting them a gift certificate! We offer gift certificates for any amount. Just give us a call at 1-800-288-7946 and we’ll getchya what you need!

Hopefully these gift ideas help take a little bit of the holiday shopping stress out of your lives. But when it comes down to it, pool fanatics are going to love whatever pool-themed gifts you might think of. You can never go wrong when it comes down to a swimming pool gift. Chances are the one you’re buying for will enjoy using your gift every moment they’re in the pool.

Happy holiday shopping!

Sabrina Potirala
InTheSwim Staff Blogger

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