Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Tub Health Benefits, image by Sundance
Hot tubs always have been advertised as being beneficial to your health, but do you really know what the health benefits are? Let’s take a look at why soaking in a hot tub might help you improve your overall physical and mental health.

Improved Sleep

It’s a fact that getting quality REM sleep on a regular schedule provides a variety of health positives for your mind and body. Good sleep improves everything from your mental alertness, stronger immune system, rejuvenated muscles and even the way your body metabolizes food.

Getting into the hot tub before bed helps regulate your body temperature to a comfortably warm level that helps you fall asleep quicker and sleep through the night with fewer disruptions. Just don’t use the hot tub too close to your bed time when you could be too warm and even sweaty when heading to bed which could lead a harder time falling asleep.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Many studies have proven that a hot tub is an ideal way to relieve mental and physical stress. Soaking in a hot tub for just 20 minutes can counteract stress as the perfect combination of hot water, massaging from the spa jets, and the feel of being weightless in the water helps you relax and decrease anxiety. Further, the hot water that massages various points on your body stimulates the release of endorphins – the body’s way of helping you feel better and more positive.

Lower Blood Pressure

As you sit in a hot tub, the elevated water temperature actually makes your heart works slightly harder and faster to get your body to disperse the excess heat. If you’re thinking, “won’t that raise my blood pressure?” you are correct, but an elevated blood pressure occurs only briefly. As the hot water raises your body’s temperature, that warmth causes cells and vessels to dilate which decreases the resistance to your heart, improving your body’s circulation, and ultimately lowering your blood pressure. Also, when your heart rate elevates, the increased blood flow produces extra oxygen that revitalizes cells which helps you feel rejuvenated as well as more relaxed.

Better Skin Care

turkey-in-hot-tub-del-rey-studiosA regular soak in a hot tub can actually improve your skin. The hot water opens your pores which is a great treatment to heal and rejuvenate your skin. Hot water also works to clean and disinfect your skin (which is a good reminder to practice regular hot tub maintenance). However, be careful to not soak too often or too long as this can dry out your skin instead of make it healthier. 20 minutes more or less, depending on your overall health.

Better Healing, Less Chronic Pain

Hot tubs are a great way to seek relief from body aches and pains such as arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and muscle soreness from exercise or plain ol’ hard work. Much of this relief comes from your body’s improved blood circulation from the hot water (see Lowers Blood Pressure above), and the improved flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles helping them relax and easing inflammation.

In a hot tub, the spa jet bubbles help you feel an increase in buoyancy. As many of us know all too well, the lighter you – in this case, the lighter you feel – the fewer aches and pains you will suffer. The increased buoyancy is actually providing a feeling of weightlessness, or at least making you feel lighter if not weightless, which helps takes stress in joints and muscles.


Pharmaspa fragrancesIt would be short sighted to discuss the health benefits of hot tubs without mentioning aromatherapy. There are many different brands and types of aromatherapy available now, and each one targets specific areas of your mind or body. Spazazz Water crystals offer different therapies from soothing to invigorating, while PharmaSpa’s therapeutic liquid fragrances have more specific targets to sleep better, improve breathing, fight a cold or flu, soothe achy muscles and sprains, and increase blood circulation.

If you’ve felt the health benefits of a hot tub, feel free to share them with all here, and let us know what part of you felt better and how did your hot tub help you improve your health.


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  1. I am asking a question from a earlier blog – multi-port valves demystified – apologies.

    I replaced spider valve and O ring after filter setting had pump backwashing. This did not fix the problem. Any ideas what the problem could be?

    • Hi – no need to apologize, I just found a setting that was preventing comments on blogs over 28 days old – geez. I’m sorry!
      OK – If the valve is leaking water out the backwash valve, and you replaced the spider gasket (flat side down), and it still leaks…the spring under the handle could be broken, allowing water pressure to push up the rotor. Or, the rotor (aka diverter or footpad) may have been turned slightly, so that it does not sit in the exact correct orientation, over the valve ports. If you look at the footpad and valve body for a minute, you can see how it works, it blocks off all exit ports except one, at any given time. But if the footpad is not correctly positioned over the ports, it can leak into two ports at one time. On most valves it is not possible to install the Key Assembly backwards, because of a notch in the valve body and lid, but, if the key assembly was disassembled, and put back together with the footpad in an incorrect orientation to the valve ports, then it could leak out the b-wash line. Could also be that the pump (recently replaced) is too large for the filter size, much too powerful. Maybe the spider gasket is the wrong part number, or installed incorrectly… that’s all I can think of … good luck!

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