Pool Ozonator Installation

o-3-turtlesIn Europe, ozone is considered a primary sanitizer in many public and private pools, and their reliance on chlorine is much less than in the U.S..

Ozone has been called the ‘World’s Most Powerful Sanitizer’, and nothing matches it’s ability or speed in killing micro organisms.

Del Industries has been making ozone units for nearly 50 years, for swimming pools and numerous other water treatment purification.

Why Ozone?

Ozone burns clean, with no residue left behind, in fact, it converts back to oxygen (O²) after it has done it’s job. It also has none of the unpleasant side effects of using chlorine ~ smelly, itchy, burning, dry and brittle. You’ll never even know it’s there! And, there is no need to store buy, transport and store hazardous chlorine products – ever again.

What is Ozone?

ozoneOzone is a gas, the O³ molecule, which is naturally present in the atmosphere. Ozonators, such as the Del Eclipse units, use low voltage to break apart diatomic oxygen (O²) into atomic oxygen (O¹) which quickly reattach themselves to another oxygen molecule (O²) and becomes O³ – get it?

O³ is an unnatural, unstable state for oxygen, and they don’t last for long. Immediately after creation, they begin blasting everything around them in the water, as they travel through the pipe. Once in the pool, it soon makes it’s way to the surface to gas off.

Ozone as a Primary Sanitizereclipse-40

For pools that wish to use ozone as the primary sanitizer, you would want to install the larger Del Eclipse 2 or 4 unit. You will need to supplement the ozonator with chlorine tablets and/or a mineral sanitizer. Occasional shocking is advised. You can use chlorine shock, or non-chlorine shock, every few weeks.

Ozone as a Supplemental Sanitizer

eclipse-1For small pools, using the Del Eclipse 1 or 2 unit as a back-up to chlorine tablets allows you to use far fewer tabs each week, and run your chlorine level as low as 0.5 ppm, with occasional shocking to remove chloramines. Ozone keeps your water sanitary, even if you’ve let the chlorine level dip below normal.

Installing a Del Ozonator

In a nutshell, installation is essentially mounting and wiring the ozonator, plumbing the venturi injector manifold, and connecting a hose between.


Mounting: Mount the ozone unit on a wall or sturdy board, in a cool and dry location that is 1-2 feet above pool water level. Secure it using the three mounting holes.

Electrical: These are hard-wired units, designed to be powered and grounded by a qualified electrical technician, but basically ~ you bring power from the time clock, through a knock-out in the cabinet, using liquid tight conduit and connections. The grounding lug should be connected to an appropriate earth contact, as per local codes.

del-manifoldPlumbing: You need about 18″ to install the injector manifold, on a horizontal or vertical pipe that is above the pool water level. It also needs to be below, or very close to the ozonator unit. It should be last on the line – after the pump, filter, heater or other sanitation equipment.

Inground Pool Ozonators can be installed in just an hour, if you are prepared with any electrical or plumbing supplies that may be needed.

big-dipper-ozonatorAboveground pool ozonator installation is even easier. The Big Dipper by Del is made for aboveground pools up to 25000 gallons. Compact ozone unit mounts easily and plugs into any grounded outlet, or mates with pool pump plug. Small Mazzei injector is easy to connect to return hose with included hose fitting. Installation of the Big Dipper is so fast, you could be making ozone in 5 minutes, for less than $250!

Ozonator Maintenance

Every 15,000 hours, depending on model, some maintenance will be likely to the hoses, check valve or the modules that produce the corona discharge. Modules, or CD chips or hose parts are easy to get and easy to replace.

But that won’t happen for a few years. Until then – enjoy clean and clear water, without a hint of chlorine, purified with ozone!

So pure, you could drink your pool water! But, I wouldn’t recommend that. 🙂

Davy Merino
InTheSwim Blog Editor


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