Water Aerobics and Water Fitness Exercises

water-fitnessIf asked what is my favorite activity other than brisk walking, I would safely say water aerobics or aquatic exercises. What is so special about aerobic exercises?

Well for one, water aerobics are performed in a swimming pool which keeps you cooler and keeps your heart rate lower, making your work outs more effective and allowing you to workout for longer.

And, water aerobics offer a wider range of motion, helping achieve greater flexibility, and water’s natural resistance helps build better muscle tone and strength. Plus, the natural buoyancy makes it a very low impact exercise.

As an avid water exercise lover, let me share a few of my favorite workouts with you and let you determine whether water aerobics are for you.

Ball Workout:

water-aerobics-water-fitness-exercisesStrong arms show off in almost everything we wear and are definitely a prized asset. Try this simple exercise for beautifully toned and strong arms. Stand with feet apart and extend your arms in front of you holding a small 6-12″ ball. Push the ball under the water and bring it up again, making a figure-eight pattern.

Water Walk:

water-aerobics-water-fitness-exerciseThis simple and fun exercise simulates natural walking, only this time it is in the pool. This is a low impact workout that helps improve lower body strength and builds leg muscles fast. All you need to do is stand in one spot and march slowly without actually moving places. For more of a challenge, add some weights.

Make Waves:

water-aerobics-water-fitness-exercisesHold on to the pool coping with one hand, and place your other hand flat on the wall. Extend your legs behind you at water level. Start kicking using your whole body to make waves in the pool. Flutter kick, Dolphin Kick, Frog kick. This easy workout will tone your back, abs, butt, and legs -you can thank me later. 🙂

Waist Shrinker

water-aerobics-water-fitness-exercisesThis simple workout will not only help you shrink your waistline but will help develop a stronger core. Put your arms along the pool edge and extend your legs in front of you. While inhaling, move your legs to your right and then to your left while exhaling.

Water Yoga:

water-aerobics-water-fitness-exercise-66We are all aware of endless benefits that yoga has to offer; make yoga more fun and less challenging by performing it in the swimming pool. Use chest high water and a pool noodle for resistance and balance support.

Water Aerobic Aids:

Other than using your body for resistance, you can use several aids and workout equipment designed especially for use in water. AquaJogger Water Fitness Belts & Kits are excellent for aerobic workouts for all fitness levels. Pool noodles area great for floatation, balance and resistance with all sorts of pool exercises.

home-swimmerHome Swimmer is another great choice if you love working out in water. This award winning system offers endless possibilities and is completely portable for convenience. Just strap on the wide belt, and connect the cord to swim against the easy resistance of cord, at the small of your back. No more flip turns!

Results, Results, Results:

You will be amazed at the results and benefits you will achieve from working out in water. Aerobic workouts are low impact and have a lower risk of injury with the support and resistance of the water.

Water workouts also help burn calories at an amazing rate, (400-800 calories / hr) helping you lose weight while you build muscle and endurance.

And don’t forget water aerobics are very beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis or back pain because of the low pressure on your joints. So come on guys, give water aerobics a try and let me know how you feel about it.

Ayesha Aslam
InTheSwim Staff Blogger