7 Ways to Give Your Pool a Resort-Style Upgrade

alternative-pool-chemicalsImagine walking out your back door into a luxurious outdoor sanctuary that emulates a contemporary 5-star resort.

Within steps of the door, you can instantly escape to your very own lavish vacation swimming pool.

Sound too good to be true? It’s all within reach, with decorative upgrades to transform a hum-drum poolscape into a stunning resort-style retreat.


Swim-Up Table

A built-in swim-up table creates a relaxing entertainment oasis for family and friends. Install a table with surround seating and an umbrella where guests can escape the sun and grab a drink without getting out of the pool. Use travertine pavers and glass tile mosaics for a contemporary look with a touch of simplicity. With a deck of cards, you can transform your table into the Luxe Hard Rock Poolside Palapa at Nirvana. Just like in Vegas, guests can drift over to the table to play blackjack right at the water’s edge.


Image by HardRockHotel.com

Outdoor Living Room

Every luxury resort provides lush lounging for world-class sun bathing and relaxation. Chaise lounge chairs, a sectional, an outdoor coffee table and even a cabana can create an upscale social space in your backyard. Install a pool feature like a raised platform for a prominent poolside living room. The raised platform offsets the lounge space, adding architectural dimension.


Image by HGTV

Infinity Edge

If your home is perched on a mountaintop, cliff or hill, an infinity edge is a stunning way to maximize your view. The vanishing edge is quite striking, which is why the most exotic resorts and estates install this type of pool. With a vanishing-edge pool, your backyard can mimic the breathtaking beauty of Santorini, Greece, or even California’s Hollywood Hills.


Image by The Agency

Beach Entry

This is another favorite of 5-star resorts: a sloping beach-like pool entry. Consider transforming one end of your pool into a beach / lagoon pool design. You can use stone, glass or ceramic tile or decorative concrete (not sand) to build a pool wading ledge. Surround the pool with lush vegetation to enhance the natural aura with flora. Add and rock accents or waterfalls, and your backyard will feel more like an exotic escape in the tropics.

beach-front-entry Image by Houzz.com

Image by Houzz.com

Wood Latias

Decoratively shade one section of your pool with wooden latias. HGTV highlights wood latias as a fancy way to offer shade and architectural interest to a poolside patio. Wooden latias also embellish your pool and help establish an outdoor rustic-themed design. A fire bowl feature, dark green-blue pool tile and a stone waterfall can add to the alfresco, earthy atmosphere.

latias by HGTV.com Design by Jamie Durie

Image by HGTV.com Design by Jamie Durie

Fire Features

A fire feature or fireplace creates resort-like style and beautiful soft lighting. Even though an outdoor fireplace is independent of the pool itself, it enhances the poolside lounge space. Use the fireplace to create a cozy and intimate space for an evening outdoor dinner or late-night socializing, a time when the pool shifts into the aesthetic backdrop. here’s a great example of pool fire features, from Raesher.com.


Image by Raesher.com

Lighting Effects

Make your pool come alive at night and create ambiance by installing dramatic pool lighting. The pools of the best nightclubs and resorts don’t disappear into the darkness of the night; they transform from relaxing daytime retreat into part of an illuminated nightscape. Try incandescent lights for a soft yellow glow or colored LED lights for energy-efficient lighting. DMX-controlled light systems with colorful fiber-optic lighting can also create a dynamic light show in your backyard.


Image by Premier Pools & Spas


Creating your own resort style swimming pool is easier than you thought! Actually, many of these design ideas involve substantial renovation, which every 25 years or so, all pools will need!




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