Swimming Pool Basketball Games: A Buyer’s Guide

swimming-pool-basketballIt’s March Madness – college hoops tournaments are in full swing!

The perfect time to tell you about our new line up of pool basketball hoops for the upcoming summer pool season.

This summer, picture the fun you’ll have with one of these pool basketball sets around your pool. Buy two game sets and get your full court press on!

Jammin Poolside Basketball

Whether for in-ground pool hoops, or above-ground pool hoops, this set is perfect for younger swimmers that love a good game of pool basketball. The above-ground version of this game has a bracket that easily and securely fastens the basketball game to the top rail of the pool, while the in-ground version makes use of water-weight at the base to ensure stability. Includes game ball.

Jammin basketball game, inground pool hoopsJammin basketball game, above ground pool hoops
This set is perfect for the younger crowd as it can withstand the baskets made by those younger aspiring basketball players! The ball comes complete with this game too, so all you have to do is a quick and easy set up before the kids get to enjoy this one!

Shootball Floating Pool Basketball Game

Shootball floating pool basketball gameThe Shootball floating pool basketball game is a super fun, inflatable pool game that conveniently floats around your poo, ready for action. Shootball has an added level of difficulty, as the more rocky the waters are, the more challenging it is to sink the ball in the hole!

It is perfect for anyone that loves the satisfaction of “slam dunking” the ball without worrying about breaking the pool hoop. The inflatable Shootball pool game floats on the water making and has point values to make your own pool ball games. The Shootball includes 3 game balls, so everyone can take their best shot!

Huffy Pool Basketball Game

Sting Ray pool basketball hoop set

The Huffy Pool Basketball Game is super durable, which makes it perfect for young adults. It comes in a Pool Shark and a Sting Ray model, and both games have an unbreakable backboard and a heavy-duty solid steel frame to make sure that this game will withstand the toughest players.

Both games are securely weighted down with a base that allows for water or sand to be put inside, and wheels are utilized in the base for easy portability and transportation. Also included in this fun little package is the basketball, a pump, and needle for quick inflation! So you can get right to playing the game in no time at all!

Slam Dunk Basketball

Slam Dunk pool basketball gameThe Slam Dunk Basketball game is perfect for adults or people that love to slam dunk the ball in the hoop! The frame of fiberglass, so there is no risk of rust or corrosion. The base utilizes a water weight, which weighs up to 500 lbs when full to eliminate potential of tipping – making this one durable game for even the most competitive basketball games. Perhaps the best part of this game is that the rim is adjustable, so even the roughest of little ones can play with this one!

With such a wide-variety of materials and extra features, it can often leave people confused as to which basketball game is right for them.

Just like most things in life, with our pool hoops sets, you get what you pay for. We have small basketball sets for younger kids, medium sets for older kids, and for you real basketball players,heavy duty pool game sets that can withstand rough treatment for many years.

In the end, any one of these games we discussed is sure to add some excitement to your pool this summer time, and these fun sets will please kids and adults alike! Buying a basketball set to use in the pool is easier than you thought!

Nothin’ but net! ;)

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